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What if accountability and discipline were overrated?

In my coach training with Martha Beck one of the things we focus on is making decisions based on a tool called the "Body Compass". Simplified, this means that your body knows. Your body can guide you in the right direction for you based on your reactions.


I don't know about you, but whenever someone suggests that I need to create a budget or keep a food journal my stomach cringes and my eyes glaze over. I really don't want to be accountable to a budget and have to say no to something I want to buy.

Same is true about following the discipline of keeping a food journal. It may seem a bit immature, but if I want a cookie then I want a cookie. At the same time, I don't want to be living in a sea of debt, overweight, stressed out and unhappy.

You may think that I am now going to tell you all the reasons why having an accountability partner or attending a support group is a good thing, but you would be wrong.

I have done those things more than once. Actually, more than a dozen times.

It just does not seem to stick for me.

I have decided today that I am going to try something different.

I am not sure if it will work but wouldn't it be great if it did.

I am going to take a page out of my upcoming coaching program, Put Down Your Poisons, Pick Up your Passions and Let the Divine Help. (Look for more on that in the coming months)


I am going to focus on letting the Divine Help. What that means is that I am going to trust that the reason my body cringes when it comes to food journals or budgets is not because I don't have the discipline to stick to something but because there is a better and more peaceful way for me to accomplish my goals.

If you care to join me for the next 30 days that would be great.

Pick something that you would like to change and ask yourself this question:

My Question: Divine (Or God, Spirit, The Universe or whatever name you give what I call the Divine) If I could lose 15 pounds and not keep a food journal OR the change you are seeking along with the thing you have been doing that feels like you are tied up in chains in a more fun and peaceful way how would you suggest I do that?


The Divine's Answer: Eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you feel satisfied.

Q: Divine, is there anything else?


A: You know what is healthy for you-eat more of that.

Q: Divine, is there anything else?listen


A: You know what is not healthy-eat less of that.

Q: Divine, is there anything else?


A: This seems like a great start. You know where to find me if you need me.

Simple perhaps, but it already feels so much better to me. I would love to hear what you are trying to change and what the Divine suggested for you.

Please email me at or put something on the feed below.

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