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TO BE or TO DO? To be or To do, that really is the question.

I am crazy busy with:

  • Maintaining my recruiting business.

  • Building a new business which includes:
    • Individual coaching
    • Delivering Find Your TOP 5 Passions and Discover Your Ideal Career ( Sign Up! It’s FREE! {LINK}) webinars
    • Leading Find Your Passion Parties (Sign up to host one! {LINK})
  • Preparing for the launch of my online program The NOW™ Life, the next one starts on April 13, check it out, {LINK}

  • Doing my side hustle-20 hours of contract recruiting per week for a client who does not have the bandwidth to manage all their recruiting needs and I love the extra cash.


So much TO DO. Where's my TO BE?

In The NOW™ Life, we talk about what it means to have a Nourishment Routine you can fall back on when life gets crazy.

It is the TO BE routine to your TO DO life.

My Nourishment Routine includes walking, meditation, and fruit smoothies among other things.

When my life feels like on big TO DO list I need to remember my TO BE, routine which is the routine that nourishes and feeds my soul.

My Nourishment Routine allows me to be more effective with my TO DO's.

Take Time to Pause

I normally consider myself a take-action coach. But today, rather than asking you TO DO one more thing instead just BE.

That's it.

Do you feel better?

You're welcome!

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