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The Problem: You're Focused on the Goal

The Problem:  You're Focused on the Goal

Every year I go to Sarasota, Florida to a timeshare we own.

I spend much of my time walking the beach shelling.

Shelling is like a treasure hunt to me. I love the joy of finding that one great shell.

One of my all-time favorite shells is the auger.
I love that it is like a corkscrew. It seems both beautiful and functional to me.

Every year, I have a goal to find at least one near-perfect auger shell.

Some years the beach is flush with augers and I have accomplished my goal in the first few minutes of stepping onto the sand.

Other years it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Near impossible.

Two years ago, I was on my annual mission to find that darn auger shell.

Every day I got up and walked the beach. I found turkey wings, cat’s paws, olives and even whelks.

But no auger.

Finally, it was my last day.

My last walk on the beach. 

I realized that this might be the year that I did not find the auger. I needed to let go of my attachment to finding that shell and just enjoy my walk.

And that is what I did. I lifted my head, felt the sun on my face, looked at the beach in front of me and smiled. So happy just to be there.

And then…a giant seagull flew right past my head and landed at my feet.

It scared the bejesus out of me.

When I looked down at the seagull, what do you think I saw?

Yep, a perfect auger shell!

And then it hit me.

I have been focused on this goal, to find an auger.

It was not until I let go of my attachment to the goal that the auger was shown to me.

Could this be a message for how I was living my life?

You betcha.
The Message:  I do not have to work so hard, worry so much, or focus so rigidly on the goal.  What I'm searching for will be shown to me.  

I think this could work just as well if your goal is finding a new job, asking for a raise, or starting a new business.

Laurie’s Career Tip of the Week

If you are in a job search, some sort of career transition or maybe you have a desire in your heart that has not yet come true, today let’s try something different.
  1. Write down a goal you have been trying to achieve. Be as specific as you want.
  2. Fold the paper in half.
  3. Put it in a drawer.
  4. Now, go outside and take in nature. Smile at the sky, wave to the birds, feel the wind on your face.
  5. Post on our Facebook page the solution that was shown to you.
If you need support in your career transition, reach out to me at and I will be happy to give you a free 30-minute session.

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