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STOP Shoulding on Yourself

Stop shoulding all over yourself.

This is a familiar phrase often said by my good friend and fellow coach Vickie Austin Check out Vickie! {Link}

Because it's great advice!

Until I find myself saying, "I should stop shoulding on myself!"


I should eat more veggies.

I should get to the dentist.

I should spend less time on the internet.

I should put some money into savings.

It never feels good when I say, "I should do this." It feels more like an obligation and not joy, even if it really is something that is good for me.

Life Hack

Then I came up with a simple life hack that has been making a real difference.

When I find myself saying I should be doing something I replace the word should with "I feel good when" and now I say to myself:

I feel good when I eat more veggies.

I feel good when I spend less time on the internet.

I feel good when.... After you make this simple replacement then ask yourself:

"Do I want to feel good?"

If your anything like me your response will be, "hell ya! I live to feel good!"

Then do what makes you feel good!

Has work become a should? Then maybe you need a change. Check out my free webinar, because we are talking about creating road map to getting from I should to I feel good. Sign up today! {Link}

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