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Playing Poker and Your Side Hustle

This past weekend I celebrated 20 years of playing poker, once a month, with my closest girlfriends. (I’m in the center sitting on the lifeguard chair).
I've written about my group before, check out: Stack the Cards in Your Favor. I talk about the life lessons I have learned from playing poker.

My grandfather always said that the good thing about playing with the same people every month is that the money just passes around.

Of course, I like to think that I am financially ahead after all these years (which is why my poker nickname is Lucky Laurie) but I have no way of really knowing.

What I do know is that when I am winning I take more risks.

If I draw a Jack and 10 of the same suit in Texas Hold ‘Em and have a big stack of chips in front of me I am more likely to stay in then if I am down to my last few chips.

I will wait for more of a sure thing.

Your Side-Hustle is Your Sure Thing

This is also true when it comes to creating a new job or business for yourself.
Your side-hustle gives you the confidence to take more risks.  

What do I mean by side-hustle?

According to Merriam-Webster, the term “side-hustle” came into use in the 1950’s. It was exclusively found in African-American newspapers at that time. In its initial use, side-hustle appears to have been applied to both a scam and a legitimate job.

But these days a side-hustle is commonly used to describe a way to make money in order to pursue your dreams.

Often a side-hustle is thought to be a part-time job (or jobs) that is helping to pay the bills while you build a business or go back to school. Think Uber driving or tutoring.

But, your main job can also be considered your side-hustle as well.
 Professional Football was his side-hustle.
Pat McAfee, a former punter for the Indianapolis Colts, left his multi-million dollar contract to be a stand-up comic. Football was his side-hustle.

Here is his story:  Pat McAfeee Explains His Retirement Decision

A side-hustle is really a state of mind.

When you know in your heart that what you are doing today is not what you are most passionate about, what you want to be doing going forward, then it really is just a side-hustle.

A side-hustle is a way to stack the chips in your favor giving you the confidence you need to leave the soul-crushing, job jail behind and follow your Soul’s Mission-that work you are meant to be doing in the world.

Laurie’s Career Tip of the Week

If you have just had an epiphany and realized you need to get a side-hustle to earn extra money so you can leave your current job behind with the confidence of a flush poker player then check out this link to a list of side-hustle options I created:  Side Hustles A-Z.
Finding that your current “real” job is really more of your side-hustle, then let’s talk. Email me ( and we will set up a free 30-minute session and see what cards you already have stacked in your favor and what your next bid should be.

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