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March Mantra Madness

You should never underestimate the power of a mantra. It could get you on national news!

I recently was having fun in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin with a bunch of girlfriends at their annual snow festival.

It was very crowded. When we had arrived to the festival we were in a long line of cars. I followed the line onto the overflow parking area for the festival which happens to be on the lake, joining around 50 other cars.

We spent just over an hour enjoying the magnificent snow sculptures and window shopping in downtown Lake Geneva.

As we were heading back to my car I saw some blue flashing lights and felt concern that an accident had occurred. Then, as we walked closer I saw a large crowd had formed and people were all looking at the lake.

My stomach dropped. I just knew. I turned to my friends and said, "I think the cars are falling through the ice".

As we approached, my fears were confirmed. My car was one of many that had begun to fall through the ice as the ice buckled under the weight of the cars and the warmer than average temps. the ice was just not thick enough.

I walked over to the police officer who was keeping people off the ice and pointed out my car.
"That's my car", I said.

"I'm sorry" he replied.

"It does not look like it is too far into the water, other people are driving their cars off, what if I go and get mine?"

"I can't tell you what to do".

I thought for a second and then said to myself, "You have made one bad choice today, don't make another and end up dead".

As soon as I knew that I was not going to go after the car, I realized that there was nothing I could do to change what had happened so fretting, worrying, crying, being angry, etc. would not help.

Then, I began to life coach myself. I know that I have the power to create a positive outcome. I choose one of my favorite tools: The Mantra.

A mantra, as defined by Webster's Dictionary is:

A simple definition: a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs

A full definition: a mystical formula of invocation or incantation

As the day turned into night, I watched all the hard work from the rescue workers, talked to the other car owners who were in the same predicament, and kept repeating my mantras:

This is all for the good

With every contraction is the promise of an even
greater expansion

The police officer in charge walked past me, pointed and said to the crowd, "she is the calmest person here."

Several TV stations interviewed me all saying, "how can you be so calm?"

Because, I really did believe that only good would come from this and that in this contraction I would expand.

As a life coach, one of the main things that I help people with is their thinking. You don't have control over many of the facts in your life but you do have control over how you think about them.

I also firmly believe that the energy you bring to any situation, and especially in a crisis, matters. You actually can choose to think thoughts that create peace within you versus thoughts that cause you pain or distress. You can change how you feel. It's a choice.

Between your thoughts and your energy you have the power to create your outcomes.

With every contraction is the promise of an even
greater expansion

This is all for the good


Having a GO TO mantra can be the difference between overreacting and calmly reacting.


Create a mantra!

Your mantra should empower you. When you say it you should feel an expansion in your body. Your shoulders may go back, you may feel a sense of calm. To create your empowering mantra you can:

  1. Select a statement that is stated in the present. Many may start with I AM but they don’t have to. Your statement may be similar to: "This is all for the good."

  1. Keep your mantra positive. I am healthy versus I am not sick. Words matter. How you say things creates an energy that will be responded to in kind.
  1. Test your mantra. Do you feel empowered, joyful and/or at peace?
  1. Now that you have a mantra you love make it part of your daily routine. Write it down, send it to yourself in an email, and repeat it often.
  1. Create more mantras. Why not feel empowered, joyful and/or peaceful every moment of every day?


Send us one of your mantras and we will create a meme just for you. Check mine out!

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Mantra Image credit: Huffington Post

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