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Manifesting The Career You Love In 3 Easy Steps

When I was little I would go to Marshall Field’s with my family to visit Santa and eat by the tree at the Walnut room.
When I got older, my girlfriend and I would take the train in to the city and my grandma would meet us at the station. We would cab it to Marshall Fields and head to the 7th floor and the Walnut Room.
Because I was older, the sight of a line wrapped around the very large 7th floor was not something I looked forward to waiting in no matter how great the experience.
But the line did not phase my grandma. She would say, “Don’t look at the line. We will be fine.”

Then she would say, “There are 3 of us. That is a magic number. We will be seated fast.”

And sure enough, the host would go down the line asking each group how many people were in their party. Invariably, he/she would come to our group and my grandma would turn to us and say, “Are you hungry? It is time to eat."

It Was Like Magic.

And it worked every time.

My grandma was on to something.

She had figured out the formula to getting whatever you want.

Grandma’s Magic Formula

Step 1. Do not pay attention to what seems to be the reality. “OMG! We will be waiting forever.”

Step 2. State your desired reality.  “We are 3 people. We will get seated quickly.”

Step 3. Believe that your desired reality is your actual reality. “Are you hungry. Let’s eat!”


Get The Career You Yearn For 

Step 1. Consider what you believe to be your negative current reality.

Example: My position requires long hours for average pay.

Step 2. State your desired reality in the present tense.

Example: I am in a job that pays me more than enough, doing work I love with a flexible schedule.

Step 3. Feel what your desired reality feels like. Be in it. You wake up in the morning excited about work. You see your bank account and smile. Your emails are filled with thank yous from your coworkers for the work you are doing.
Step 3 is the real magic in the formula, my grandma really BELIEVED.

This was not a pipe dream. She went past yearning and hope to allowing herself to believe that it was happening.  It was her new reality.

Give it a whirl, what do you have to lose?  Start small if you must but go BIG too.  Go BIG in your career.  Go  BIG in your life.

Let’s make some magic together! I can help you move from your current, non-ideal reality to a career and life that you love.

I believe it! Call me or email me.

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