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Joy and Blessings in 2016... but maybe not quite what you are thinking

Joy and Blessings in 2016…but maybe not quite what you are thinking

Spoiler Alert!

I am going to be talking about "Joy", the movie that just came out with Jennifer Lawrence. Since it's been heavily advertised I hope what I am going to be writing is really not that much of a spoiler but you are now forewarned.

I also am going to talk about something I overheard a man say at the health club and then I am going to tie these both together in a poem.

Further forewarned.

“Joy” is a movie about Joy Mangano, inventor of the Magic Mop and other totally cool inventions.

Joy Mangano

Yes, it is totally awesome that she imagined, drew, built and manufactured something that went on to sell millions on QVC/Home Shopping Network (HSN).

But it is her story that really makes this cool.

From an early age Joy was an "inventor". She actually came up with an idea for a fluorescent flea collar for dogs but did not pursue it and was shocked when she saw the same basic idea in the stores a year later.

Missed Opportunity. Dog and Collar 2

Fast forward 20 years and now Joy is a divorced mother of 3, in significant debt, living with her ex-husband, her grandmother and her mom and dad (oh yeah, her mom and dad are no longer married).

She was working a variety of low-paying jobs trying to keep the heat on and make ends meet. One day she was using a mop to clean up some broken glass and, while wringing out the mop, cut her hands. The inventor in her came alive.

The self-wringing mop was born.


She took to the trade shows and the shopping centers trying to sell her mop with little luck.


Then she had a chance to have her product sold on the QVC/Home Shopping Network.


They told her they were going to use their best pitch person and give it their best shot.
Not one mop sold.
Failed Again.

Still, Joy was determined not deterred. She asked QVC/HSN if she could pitch her own product. Joy and the mop were an instant success!


Then she was told she did not own the molds to her product.
Then her beloved grandmother died.
Then her step-sister created a legal problem that had her at the brink of filing bankruptcy.


No, she did not file for bankruptcy.

Once again, Joy was determined not deterred.

She got educated, got tough and got things going in the direction she wanted.

So, how does this relate to you?

Do you have a dream that just does not seem to be materializing?

Does every turn seem to be a dead end?

Have you experience death, divorce, betrayal, job loss, financial struggles, health setbacks?

Of course! But the thing that struck me in watching the movie was that when Joy was in the midst of it she too must have felt the same way I have or you have in the face of setbacks. Overwhelm, hopelessness, scared, alone and just plain tired.

When you look back over her life you wonder why she did not quit. Everything looks better in hindsight.

Looking over shoulder

This leads me to PART TWO of this blog.

I was at the health club walking the track and I overhear a guy say to his friend,
"Well, I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't."

I thought to myself "Is that true?"

I really don't think so.

That's when I "invented" this poem. It's no Miracle Mop. Again, you are forewarned.

    Blessed if you do, Blessed if you don't

Blessed if you do, blessed if you don't
Blessed if you will, blessed if you won't

Blessed if you can, blessed if you can't
Blessed if you should, blessed if you shant

Blessed if you could, blessed if you couldn't
Blessed if you would, blessed if you wouldn't

What I am trying to say
Listen up, take this in!
No matter your choice
It's always win/win .

Life unfolds in just the right way.
Even if you think that it won't.
No regrets of the past, tomorrow or today.
Blessed if you do, blessed if you don't

So, if you do one thing this coming year, live from a space of knowing that everything is happening in your life in just the right order. When you look back you will know it but while you are in it remember that you are blessed, no matter what.

May you invent your 2016 as a year that is peaceful,
prosperous, fun and ever-blessed!

If you are feeling determined
to create something new for yourself in 2016 then
you need to begin by doing just one simple thing:

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