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If your job asked you to marry it would you?

I am taking a certification course online through Cornell University. In the first section of this course we are talking about employee engagement and what that means and does not mean.

The instructor gave a very funny example that I thought was also very effective.

She said that if the person you were dating came to you with a ring and said, "This is for you, it is a satisfaction ring."  What would you think and feel about being offered a satisfaction ring versus an engagement ring?  

A satisfaction ring says that the person likes where things are at right now. They are content. That is not a bad thing but it is not the same as an engagement ring which says they are excited about the future and willing to go the extra mile to make things great.

Being Engaged is More Than Feeling Satisfied

Now take this into your current role at work (or the one you just left.) 

Are you feeling satisfied? Do you like the people you work with, the office itself, the benefits, the overall work you are doing, the salary, the schedule you have, your career path etc.?  If you say, “yes for the most part” then you are satisfied.

Now ask yourself if you are feeling engaged? Does time pass without you knowing?  Do you feel like you have the ability to give an opinion on a problem and it will be heard and acted upon? Do you believe that you can impact the direction on a project?   Do you feel comfortable offering suggestions and taking initiative? Do you go the extra mile because you just gotta?

If you answer yes to these things then you are engaged.

Hey! Back off.

Feeling satisfied is pretty good so why the pressure to get engaged?

Great question!

Assuming what you are engaged in at work is in line with the overall objectives of the company, being engaged means that:  
  • You are positively impacting the bottom line
  • You are highly productive  
  • You feel refreshed versus drained at the end of the day
  • Your enthusiasm shines through
  • You are seen as a go-to person
  • Your chances of getting promoted more quickly (and that means MORE MONEY) are higher

Swipe Right on the Engagement App of Your Career and Life

The kind of ring are you wearing at work (or want to wear in your next job) is a very important decision because wearing a satisfaction ring means:
  • You might not be fully using all your skills and talents. 
  • You are likely leaving some of your best stuff like innovative and creative ideas on the table without even realizing it.
  • Your chance to have a greater positive impact is lessened.
  • You could be having more fun, which is a biggie.
There is nothing wrong with feeling satisfied. Sometimes, in life, that may seem pretty darn OK.  

But I would like to challenge you to swipe left on satisfaction and swipe right for engagement.

Feeling engaged is life-changing. This is an active energy versus a passive, satisfied energy. You look forward to going to work in the morning. You feel seen, listened to and know that what you say matters. You have a real opportunity to make a difference.
Ready to swipe right on engagement? Contact me and let’s create a list of your top 10 must-have qualities necessary for you to say yes to getting engaged to your career.

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