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How to Create Career Fulfillment: The 10 Percent Mission - Part II

Last week, I talked about being on a mission to close the wage gap between men and women through simple tweaks like paying your female server 10% more than you had planned or asking for 10% more than you were going to on your next review.

While gathering info for that blog I ran across a study done by the University of Texas (my alma mater-hook ‘em horns!)  The study found that women ask for $7000 less than their male counterparts when negotiating in job interviews.  (Find a link to the study below.)

This is not new news and is one of the many contributors to the wage gap.

The interesting part of the study was not that there is a disparity between what women ask for and what men do but that when the women were asked to negotiate on behalf of another woman they asked for the same amount as men!

This got me thinking that this is probably true in many areas of women’s lives when they are asked to negotiate something for themselves.

Countless studies show that making enough money to meet your basic needs is important to overall happiness but beyond meeting those needs more money does not have a significant impact on your overall career fulfillment.

What does matter?

  • Spending time with people you love-not working lots of extra hours
  • Having Freedom/Autonomy at work – being able to make decisions about your day
  • Doing work that feels meaningful to you or that you feel has positive impact in the world

This is all great if you have the courage to ask for it for yourself.

Which leads me to Part II of the 10% Mission.

Get what you want by pretending you are asking for a friend.


  • Ask for 10% more vacation (for Jayne)
  • Ask for 10% more opportunities where you get to decide the “hows”  of a project (for Jasmine)
  • Ask for 10% more work from home time (for Bea)
  • Ask for 10% of your work week to be spent working on a cause that both you and your company supports (for Amanda)
Jayne (and Bea and Jasmine and Amanda) deserve to be paid what they are worth and have a career that fulfills them AND so do you!

** University of Texas study:  The Gender Wage Gap:  2016; Earnings Differences by Gender, Race and Ethnicity

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