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Get Electrocuted: Finding Your Source to Happiness

When I was in grade school I went to a “go away” camp (at least that’s what my parents called it).

We did all the normal things you would do at camp.

We rode horses, played tennis, swam, sang around the campfire and took hikes.

On one of those hikes, the camp counselor had us all stand in a line and hold hands. She then grabbed on to an electric fence used to keep the cows where they belonged.

I was about number four in the line and I distinctly felt a shock wave go through my body. My girlfriend was about number 20 in line and she did not feel a thing. Too bad for her! It felt so cool. I was amazed by the fact that, even though I was not the one holding on to the power source, I still felt a shock.

Get Closer to Your Source

When I say get closer to your source, I don’t necessarily mean your Spiritual source though that works.  What I am thinking about is getting closer to your sources of peace, connection, and fun.

The further away you are from these sources the greater your chance of missing out on something totally amazing.  

I decided to create a list of those things that I do that feel like sources of happiness and those things that don’t as an awareness exercise.

Sources of Happiness 
Sources of
"The Opposite of Happiness"


Too much on my plate
Completing a task I have delayed    Not enough good, regular sleep
Eating healthy foods Eating sugar
Reading a great book Worrying
Spending time with family and friends    Guilt-tripping myself with “shoulds”
Walking in nature   Letting my nourishment routine slide

Simple as That


When I look at my list it is pretty simple really. I don’t have things down there that are pipe dreams, only possible on rare occasions or that cost a lot of money. These are simple things I can do every day. It is also fairly easy to tell how the things in the second column are no fun whatsoever so doing less of them will also move me closer to the source of my happiness. Simple as that!

This week, create your own list and do more of the things that are sources of your happiness and less of the things that are not.
If your job is not a Source of Happiness then let’s talk. Email me at or call me at 630/260-7821.


Sound Song Advice

 Electric Boogie (The Electric Slide)

Marcia Griffith

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