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Crystal Balls and Magic Wands

I have always loved magical things.

I love the idea of someone being able to walk through their wardrobe into a magical land-can I get a Narnia anyone?

How about having an old coin that grants half-wishes?

Time travel is my jam!

Genies in a bottle and casting spells (all for good of course) were part of what I wished for.

Then, recently, I had an epiphany.

We all have a crystal ball and a magic wand.


Your Crystal Ball is more commonly called your IMAGINATION. That part of yourself that can dream big. That place you accessed as a kid when you were playing with your dolls or in the backyard building forts.

As a kid, you did not really even think about putting limits on things.

I literally thought I could fly.

Once, I put very large cardboard wings on my arms and “flew” down my steps of my house.

Another time I jumped out of a barn trying to fly and landed in a big pile of corn. Unhurt but no real lift off.

So, no, I could not actually fly but it did not stop me from imagining I could and coming up with ways that might make it happen.

Which brings me to your Magic Wand. Commonly called your thoughts.

What often gets in the way of trying new things is that we talk ourselves out of it. We say things like:

“I could not possibly …”

“That would take so much time”

“I have no idea how to get started”



It’s time to crack out the crystal ball and wave your magic wand.

Try This:

Step 1: Think about a problem you have been struggling with or an idea you are trying to hatch.

Step 2: Imagine you are looking into a crystal ball (turban optional).

Step 3: Ask to be "shown" possible solutions.

Step 4: Write down all the thoughts that come up both helpful and non-helpful.

Step 5: Wave your Magic Wand and make those thoughts that are not helpful disappear, just decide to focus on those thoughts that feel most "magical."

Step 6:  NOW, pick one "magical" solution and take action.  Do one thing.

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