Collaboration: Keeping Women Leaders Down?

During the recent hearings regarding Brett Kavanaugh, Senator Jeff Flake said in an interview on “60 Minutes” that if he were running for re-election, there’d be no way he would call for the FBI to investigate...Read More


Career Wisdom from the 1800s

Recently, my husband and I were having one of our more interesting discussions.  We wondered what we would be doing if we lived in a Native American tribe in the 1800’s?After I got past the idea of no running water, heat or air...Read More


Revealed What Women ALREADY Have and What They MUST Have To Be Great Leaders

I am getting ready to do a workshop at a local association about Emotional Intelligence.(FYI-You can find more information and sign-up here.)Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's...Read More


What Leadership Isn't

I really like to lead events.It’s something I’ve enjoyed since running a Ronald McDonald House carnival at 10 years old.I consider being able to lead events one of my super powers. Being able to take an idea for a fun event and make it...Read More


A Tip from Michelle Williams on How NOT to Negotiate

By now you have heard about the article in The Washington Post from November 2017 that talked about the pay gaps, or should I say pay canyons, between different cast members on the movie All the Money in the...Read More


A Quick Leadership Trick From a Grade School Teacher

My assistant texted me this interesting story she saw on Facebook.A school teacher would start every year with a box of band-aids.She would then call up a child and have them pretend they have gotten hurt.The child would say, “I hurt...Read More


If your job asked you to marry it would you?

I am taking a certification course online through Cornell University. In the first section of this course we are talking about employee engagement and what that means and does not mean.The instructor gave a very funny example that I thought...Read More


Career + Life Imitating Movies

I recently made a decision that some might consider a bad parenting move.The actual decision is between my daughter and myself and not necessary to the story but suffice it to say I did not suggest she explore the world of psychedelics or...Read More


Turning Career Potential into Career Accomplishment

I was looking through my copy of Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will,  by Sheryl Sandberg for some stats on women in tech that I will be presenting at a meeting and came across this paragraph:  In a 2011 McKinsey...Read More


I'm happily employed. I think I'll look for a job.

Part of what I do to grow my business is network. I am a member of different organizations. I pay dues, attend meetings, repost their news and volunteer when I can.  This particular morning, I had a meeting with a potential...Read More


Changing Office Culture - The NEW Swear Jar

A friend told me a story about a recent golf outing. Her foursome included herself, a more senior female colleague, a female pro golfer and a male client. In the midst of a beautiful golf afternoon, the client made a racist AND sexist...Read More


Manifesting The Career You Love In 3 Easy Steps

When I was little I would go to Marshall Field’s with my family to visit Santa and eat by the tree at the Walnut room. When I got older, my girlfriend and I would take the train in to the city and my grandma would meet us at the...Read More


How to Create Career Fulfillment: The 10 Percent Mission - Part II

Last week, I talked about being on a mission to close the wage gap between men and women through simple tweaks like paying your female server 10% more than you had planned or asking for 10% more than you were going to on your next...Read More


How to Close the Wage Gap: The 10 Percent Mission - Part I

I have been listening to the BBC on Sirius radio a lot lately.This started because I am a coach for a program called INCubator (more about this program below). Think Shark Tank for high school students.The students are part of a year-long...Read More


Impulsive + Disciplined = Career Change Success

This Friday kicks off the XXIII Olympic Winter Games.Who is not in awe of the abilities of these athletes and the commitment it takes to compete at this level?Which got me thinking about my nature.I like to think of myself as...Read More


The Subtle Ways of Bias

For Christmas, my husband had asked for a new blanket for our bed.Conveniently, my mom called me to say she needed one more gift for my husband and I suggested the blanket. She said that was a great idea and she would give me that for my...Read More


Get Electrocuted: Finding Your Source to Happiness

When I was in grade school I went to a “go away” camp (at least that’s what my parents called it).We did all the normal things you would do at camp.We rode horses, played tennis, swam, sang around the campfire and took...Read More


Her Attitude Cost Her the Job and Started a War

I have a client who has been on a long-term contract. The contract should have lasted at least 12 months and possibly longer. It was very lucrative for her.Then, she made a mistake.She received a call from someone about an issue and,...Read More


You Can Do That Job... But Do You Want To?

I am currently working with a multi-passionate, multi-skilled woman who is on a job search.She is ready to change.She has her Career Change Toolkit (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile etc.) at the ready.But she is stuck.She has covered a...Read More


Are You Working IN Your Career or ON it?

One of the things that I do not think I have done very well as a business owner is to work ON my business versus IN it.I think there are a few reasons for that: I loved working in my business-being in the weeds I was good at being...Read More


Can't Let Go of that Job You've Outgrown

“I don’t think that it is the right time to leave my job. I have a vacation planned in December and I am moving in the spring.” I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard a version of this in my 20+...Read More


Build Your ASK Muscle

Recently I was reminded of an article from the Huffington Post on the wage gap. (Link to article) It speaks to several possible reasons why women still earn less than their male counterparts. One of the paragraphs talked about...Read More

The Problem:  You're Focused on the Goal

The Problem: You're Focused on the Goal

Every year I go to Sarasota, Florida to a timeshare we own. I spend much of my time walking the beach shelling.Shelling is like a treasure hunt to me. I love the joy of finding that one great shell.One of my all-time favorite shells is...Read More


Playing Poker and Your Side Hustle

This past weekend I celebrated 20 years of playing poker, once a month, with my closest girlfriends. (I’m in the center sitting on the lifeguard chair). I've written about my group before, check out: Stack the Cards in Your...Read More


A Woodpecker's Guide to Career Change

I am reading this great book by Peter Wohlleben called The Hidden Life of Trees. What they Feel, How They Communicate. This book has become my go-to gift because I have found it to be extremely profound.  Peter worked...Read More


My Soul is my Gap Filler

Starting a business, very much like starting a job search, can be scary and daunting. Fear feels like it has moved in and taken residence at my work desk.  Sometimes, I feel like I don’t have what I need to get to the...Read More


The Number One Question You Need to Answer Before Beginning a Job Search

The work you are meant to be doing in the world, your Soul’s Mission, is really the form of service you are meant to be providing.  A service is a solution to a problem.  Therefore, your Soul’s Mission is a solution...Read More


I Woke Up Afraid

Afraid that I will never get out of debt.Afraid that my kids won’t find a career they love.Afraid my coaching business will never take off.Afraid that I will slip back into my unhealthy eating habits. Anything else, Laurie?Nope that about...Read More


It's a Funeral and a Party!

Yes. I will be having a funeral on April 30th.This is no ordinary funeral, because I am, in fact, alive and kicking. But, for the month of May, I will be laying to rest my unhealthy eating habits. This was inspired by Dr. Kelly Brogan and her...Read More


Crystal Balls and Magic Wands

I have always loved magical things. I love the idea of someone being able to walk through their wardrobe into a magical land-can I get a Narnia anyone? How about having an old coin that grants half-wishes? Time travel is my jam! Genies in a bottle...Read More



TO BE or TO DO? To be or To do, that really is the question. I am crazy busy with: Maintaining my recruiting business. Building a new business which includes: Individual coaching Delivering Find Your TOP 5 Passions and Discover Your Ideal...Read More


STOP Shoulding on Yourself

Stop shoulding all over yourself. This is a familiar phrase often said by my good friend and fellow coach Vickie Austin Check out Vickie! {Link} Because it's great advice! Until I find myself saying, "I should stop shoulding on myself!" OR: I...Read More


She Can't Pay the Rent

I have long been intrigued with the idea of archetypes. In Jungian psychology an archetype is defined as: An inherited pattern of thought derived from the past experience of the whole race and present in our unconscious minds. For me, an archetype...Read More


What if accountability and discipline were overrated?

In my coach training with Martha Beck one of the things we focus on is making decisions based on a tool called the "Body Compass". Simplified, this means that your body knows. Your body can guide you in the right direction for you based on your...Read More


March Mantra Madness

You should never underestimate the power of a mantra. It could get you on national news! I recently was having fun in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin with a bunch of girlfriends at their annual snow festival. It was very crowded. When we had arrived to the...Read More


Joy and Blessings in 2016... but maybe not quite what you are thinking

Joy and Blessings in 2016…but maybe not quite what you are thinking Spoiler Alert! I am going to be talking about "Joy", the movie that just came out with Jennifer Lawrence. Since it's been heavily advertised I hope what I am going to be...Read More


Let There Be Rock!

Support can come in many forms. From Friends and Family Like the time I was taking a walk with a good friend and she was saying she needed a part time recruiter to help with cold calls when just two weeks beforehand I had been on-line looking...Read More


I've got your backronym!

Did you know that Stephen Colbert has his own Backronym given to him by NASA? They named their ISS treadmill the Combined Operational Load-Bearing External Resistance Treadmill (COLBERT) after him. WHAT IS A BACKRONYM, you may ask? According to...Read More


What's Your Poison?

And the soft, tender voice said "Stop poisoning yourself" Another soccer tournament weekend. My daughter had a game at 7:30 a.m. which meant she had to be there at 6:45 a.m. for warm-ups. I had 45 minutes of "free time" before the game was to start....Read More