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Your Career Reality Is Not As It Appears

A few years ago, my husband and I were invited to a holiday party by a couple that we did not know well. But heck, it was a party so we went.

This couple seemed to have it all together. They drove nice cars, had a large house in a nice neighborhood, wore nice clothes, belonged to a country club etc.

When we arrived, I was surprised when we walked into their home and I noticed that a couple of the rooms were completely without furniture.

It was not like they had just moved in. They had been there for several years.

Later I found out there were deeper problems.

Appearances were deceiving.

There Are Actually 3 Realities

The observation of this couple’s home made me realize that there are really 3 realities.

Inauthentic Reality - This is what this couple had going on. They worked hard to give the appearance that their reality was one of prosperity but in fact they were barely making ends meet. If you have ever put up a false self then you know what I am talking about and you know how that feels.
To be something you are not, to attempt to fit in with a culture that does not jive with your energy, to raise your hand to lead an Artificial Intelligence project because it will look good on your resume when you know you do not have the chops yet, to pretend that all is well with your paycheck at review time…
And not fruitful or sustainable.
Scientific RealityThis is the idea that what looks solid, like your desk at work, is actually not solid at all!
This concept still blows my mind.
In an article in our sidebar, below, you can read about how, though a table feels solid when you put your hand on it, it is actually made up of atoms and electrons that are “dancing” with your atoms and electrons in your hands, pushing up against each other, changing the type of dance they are doing, closing gaps and giving the appearance and feeling that both are solids.

Again, not everything is at appears.

Authentic (or as I like to call it Spiritual) Reality - This is my favorite.  This is the idea that how things appear do not have to be your reality.
Your career may appear to be a dead end.

Your bank account might look underfed.

Your prospects might appear to be slim.

Just like those friends gave an appearance of success, current circumstances may appear less than optimal in your career or life right now yet, in fact, your reality is quite different if you choose it to be so.

There is A Simple Fix To A Less Than Optimal Reality

Do not focus on appearances.  In Authentic Reality, they are not real.

Focus on the positive, expectancy and desires.  Make that your reality.

People talk about staying in the now and not worrying about the past or getting anxious about the future. I see the value in that except if your NOW appears to have you stuck in a place you prefer not to be, doing work you don’t love, with people who do not inspire you.

That is when it is time to get out of the trap of current appearances and bring on a new reality.


Pick one thing that seems to be real in your career right now that is not how you would desire it to be.  

Now write or say some things that you would say are real AND positive about your current reality.

Example 1:

Current Appearance: My job is a dead end.

The Authentic/Spiritual Reality: I have clients who appreciate me, that gal in accounting is fun to talk with and my paycheck pays my bills.

Example 2:

Now let's take it one step further.

Current Appearance:  My job is a dead end.

The Authentic/Spiritual Reality:  I'm working from home part-time, earning twice as much as I did last year, doing work that is fun and energizes me.

Here’s the thing about these examples, all those statements above are authentic.

And being authentic feels better, is easier and lots less tiring.

I ask you, in what reality do you not want to feel better, have ease and greater energy?

Creating a spiritual reality where you do not identify with your circumstances but instead connect with the reality of what is possible feels just as real as a table. 
If you need help changing your reality, give me a call, I can help!

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If atoms are mostly empty space, why do objects look and feel solid?

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