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Wonder Woman, Soul's Mission and You!

If you have not seen the new Wonder Woman yet, I highly recommend you run not walk to the movie theater.

During the movie, I realized that Wonder Woman was following her Soul’s Mission.

That’s my kind of gal! 

How did I know Wonder Woman was on her Soul’s Mission?

Her mom wanted to keep her from it. Wanted her to do something else, to protect her from harm.  

Her aunt knew what was in her, secretly trained her, believed in her and encouraged her.

She was called to follow her path and do what she had been born to do…live her Soul’s Mission. Even though her mom did not want her to go, nothing and no one was going to keep her from doing what she knew she must do.  

Every Soul’s Mission has this element of being something you just have to do even though people or your own logical mind might want to talk you out of it.

And every Soul’s Mission is unique.

Because you are unique.

Yet you also are like Wonder Woman.

The Common Threads of a Soul’s Mission

There are common threads that are shared in every Soul’s Mission and Wonder Woman had them as well.

She trained. She developed her skills and grew her knowledge about that which was most interesting to her.  Your Soul’s Mission is made up of that which is most interesting to you.

She had perseverance. Training was not always easy but that did not matter. She knew it was what she was born to do. She was born with the talents/aptitudes necessary to live her Soul’s Mission but it required that she keep at it. She could not doubt herself. Like Wonder Woman, you will have natural abilities that go along with those things that are most interesting to you. Though it will be hard at times living your Soul’s Mission, you feel good as you develop these skills and abilities. It is part of who you are. 

She had a coach, a support system, a mentor, who reminded her of her strength. You are not alone on this mission even though sometimes it might feel like you are. There is nothing like having of someone who believes in you and what you are doing, being the wind beneath your wings when you're just not feeling it. 

She had totally awesome tools

A Golden Lasso of Truth: This lasso was super-stretchy, unbreakable and could tie the enemy in knots, but, most importantly, it compelled honesty and truth. Something she valued deeply. When you live your Soul’s Mission you speak your truth, you live from integrity and you only spend your time with others that speak and live the same way. Otherwise it just feels painful.

Cool Trivia about the Lasso: Wonder Woman was created for DC Comics by William Moulton Marston, the inventor of the polygraph! Cool huh! No surprise that truth was part of Wonder Woman’s value system.

Bracelets of Victory-Also, bulletproof. But, more than that, they can expel a tremendous force of protection that evil cannot break through. It repels evil. You do not have to take on negative comments, judgments etc. Just let them bounce off. No need to defend. Keep your Soul’s Mission in mind and move on.

A Shield- Bulletproof. Fire away! Enough said. 

A Magical Sword-This sword is able to dispel even the most evil, that which was thought not to be capable of being destroyed.  The important learning here is that nothing can stop you. You have all you need to remove all your obstacles, both real and imagined.  

Cool Trivia about the Sword-In the Batman versus Superman movie, Wonder Woman’s Sword was engraved in ancient Greek with the following:

"Life is killing life all the time and so the goddess kills herself in the sacrifice of her own animal."  -- Joseph Campbell; Mysteries of the Feminine Divine.  More cool trivia on Joseph Campbell below. 

Tiara-This was a symbol reminding her that she is a Queen, a Warrior, a Boss Lady.  Plus, this symbol never leaves her. She may use it in battle but it is a boomerang, coming back to her and always reminding her of who she is.

Love Rules-Probably the most important “weapon” she wields is her belief in love and that love is what is going to save the world. Wonder Woman believes in the goodness of people. This has been her stand since the creation of the first Wonder Woman. In one of the earlier comic books Wonder Woman stated, “I believe that love is not limited, but limitless”.

Cool Trivia about Love:  When Marston had the idea for a new kind of superhero, one who would triumph not with fists or firepower, but with love, his wife said, “Fine, but make her a woman”. Obviously!

Try this next week:

Gather your “tools” for your Soul’s Mission.

Create Your Lasso of Truth-Commit to speaking your truth and living honestly. Where are you out of integrity? Do you have some amends to make? Can you tell someone to stop doing something you do not like? Can you set a boundary and keep it? You know when you are not being fully honest, authentic and genuine. Make a decision to stop doing that.

Create Your Bracelets of Victory-It’s time to bubble wrap yourself. Whenever you hear something negative that makes you feel bad about yourself you will quietly say, “Negative things cannot touch me”. Then simply smile. Only you will know why!

Use your Shield- Crank up David Guetta’s Song Titanium featuring SIA- whenever and wherever.

Find your Magical Sword-Create a mantra that you can speak every morning and at any time you are feeling afraid. Wield it with force! Something like “I got this” or “I am at my very best right now” or “I have the Power”. A statement that feels like strength when you say it.

Put on your Tiara-Don’t forget who you are. Put your shoulders back, hold your head high. You are on your Soul’s Mission. Nothing can stop you now. You are a warrior, royalty, the Boss.

Find a Coach, Mentor, Trainer-Make a list of your tribe, that team that supports you in living your Soul’s Mission. Consider hiring a coach, someone who is there for you as you cross the abyss. Best to do this even before you set out on your Soul’s Mission because when the going gets tough you will know who to call.  Warriors plan ahead!

Put Love in First Place-Make a choice to approach everyone and everything from a place of love. Tell everyone and everything you love them. Have a goal to do it at least 10 times a day every day for the next week. If you love tuna fish salad then say that. Tell your spouse, your mom, your kids you love them. You can tell your boss “One thing I love about you is...”. Don’t let another day go by where you don’t express love for what is in your life right now.

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If I can help you find your inner Wonder Woman let me know.  I am only an email ( or phone call (630-260-7821) away.


Per Wikipedia, Joseph John Campbell (March 26, 1904 – October 30, 1987) was an American mythologist, writer, and lecturer, best known for his work in comparative mythology and comparative religion. His work covers many aspects of the human experience. Campbell's magnum opus is his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949), in which he discusses his theory of the journey of the archetypal hero found in world mythologies.
Your Soul’s Mission is your own version of the Hero’s Journey.

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