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What the heck? I did not win the $522 Million!

I envisioned.
I aligned. 
I’m a good person. 
I have plans to do greatness for the world with my winnings. 
I spoke words aloud to whoever was listening.
I expected to win. 
So why didn’t I win? 
Not sure. Maybe I still have things to learn. Maybe I still have fear and scarcity thinking going on or maybe my time to win has just not arrived yet. 

Dashed Dreams. Now What?

Have you ever had a hope or desire not come to pass?  
A promotion at work? 
A raise you hoped for? 
A result on a project not go as you planned? 
What do we do when a desire is not fulfilled? 
Do we stop hoping for it? 
Do we stop making plans for greatness? 
Do we settle? 


Don’t Let That Train of Thought Out of The Station

I say HELL NO to that train of thought. 
Let’s do something different. 
Let’s build our receive muscle. 
I’ve talked about “Building Your Ask Muscle” in a previous BLOG (LINK HERE).

Today-Begin Building Your RECEIVING Muscle

Your receiving muscle is a sister to your Ask Muscle because receiving starts with an ask that comes from a desire. And that desire is the opening to receiving… for no other reason than you asked. 
It is also the sister to giving. Many believe that giving is easier than asking and receiving. I know that has been true for me.
The fact is that being a great giver is unbalanced and limited if you stop yourself from asking for what you want and then opening up to receiving it.
Become equally strong at all three-asking, receiving and giving.
That's when the magic starts to happen. You see all areas of your life flourish. All 3 muscles working in concert to build the career and life for which you yearn.
No surprise! You receive that raise you have been waiting for.
Whoa! That promotion you have been working towards is there for the receiving.
Hallelujah! You receive kudos for that successful completion of your projects.

Try This-Start Small

When you are building a physical muscle, you don’t pick up the largest weight first. You start smaller.
Let’s follow this same idea.
What is one thing you would like to receive this week that would be considered, on the scale of things, small. 
Now don’t just say, “I wish to receive five dollars” then sit back and be like, “OK Universe, do your thing.” 
This requires you to get quiet and really think on something small that you would like to receive by this Friday that would make you feel good. It would make you smile. 
Maybe it would be to receive a compliment. 
Maybe you receive a phone call from a friend you have not heard from in a while. 
Maybe a surprise from your spouse or child. 
Maybe a surprise visit from a hummingbird or a thank you from a co-worker.
Then allow your receiving to start happening with a quick blessing, “I look forward to receiving FILL-IN-THE-BLANK.”
Let me know out in the Facebook group what you asked for and then check back in on Friday with your result.
Living the life and career you yearn for starts with building your ask and receive muscles. Let me be your personal trainer. Send me an email with “I am ready to ask AND receive” in the subject line, then get ready to receive an email from me.

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