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The Spiritual Solution I Learned From My Son's Gaming Obsession

My 20-year-old son and I were watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

When the game finished another show came on that my son said was eSports.

I had never seen a TV show like this before and my son and I were instantly riveted.

eSports, according to Wikipedia, are a form of competition using video games. Most commonly, eSports take the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players.  

Here are some other Wikipedia data points about eSports and gaming:
  • In 2013, it was estimated that approximately 71.5 million people worldwide watched eSports.
  • The global eSports audience in 2015 was 226 million people.
  • Demographically, Major League Gaming has reported viewership that is approximately 85% male and 15% female, with a majority of viewers between the ages of 18 and 34.  (I did a quick google search to get up-to-date statistics on gamers in general and according to in 2018, it was calculated that women accounted for nearly 45 percent of all gamers in the United States)
  • The global eSports market generated $325 million USD of revenue in 2015 and was expected to make $493 million in 2016. ( reports that the gaming revenue will approach 90 Billion by 2020 with 25% of the world gaming!)
  •  According to a Newzoo report in April 2017, 42% of the gaming market belongs to the mobile industry, and mobile is projected to claim more than 50% of the market by 2020.
  • Most competitions take place in South Korea which has several established eSports organizations but is growing in Europe, North America and China. 
You can’t argue with these numbers and the growth of this industry.

Here’s the thing about gaming. You get to be someone different. You can add superpowers, be part of a team or go it alone. You can communicate with friends and fellow game lovers around the world. You can speak up and give directions. You can help out, remove obstacles, make the game winning shot or save the world. You can learn new skills in the comfort of your bedroom, dorm room or living room.

It’s really pretty cool.

And I believe it has helped my son’s confidence.

I also believe gaming could (and may already) be a great career tool for women looking to be more confident at work, take more chances and have bigger dreams for themselves.

But those are blogs for another day.

How Gaming Led to a Spiritual Solution

As we are watching the eSports games my son said something that turned my head.

“This is the future of sports.”

Could that be true?

Could this be the future of how we compete?

I am not saying there would never be another Michael Jordan or Venus Williams or Las Vegas Golden Knights. That would be a tragedy to replace real human beings with video yet looking at alternative ways to solve problems through gaming is very intriguing. It has become a big business.

Gaming gives a person the chance to do things that they might not have been able to do before because of limitations -physical, economic or even in their thinking.

Which is when the lightbulb went off!

Gaming could actually be the solution to a spiritual problem I have been wrestling with for years.

The Spiritual Problem: How to live in peace and harmony without the need to one-up and/or kill each other so we can “win.”

The Gaming Solution: All weapons of destruction-mass or single- would only be allowed within a gaming system.  No longer would they be manufactured in the “real” world. They could be eliminated for good…forever. All decisions are made (and, because it’s a game, remade) at a Video Game Tournament.  The playing field is leveled.

How much would you pay to watch this?

Trump and Kim Jong-un could go at it through their headsets and controllers-suggesting and tweeting and taunting each other online. Trying out a tactic. Seeing the results. Starting over.   

We could tune in, join in or turn off knowing that no matter what, the sun will be shining and we will be able to live to see it.

Don’t Get Me Wrong

My ultimate spiritual solution is that we live in a partnership versus a ranking society. That we collaborate versus compete in the resolution of problems. Yet, sometimes there is a step or two that need to occur before we reach the ideal outcome.

Gaming could be this step.

Moving This Concept Forward

Since this is just a seed of an idea at this point I would love to hear your thoughts.  

  1. How would you replace one of your spiritual problems with a gaming solution instead?
  1. What are your thoughts on this gaming solution to the spiritual problem of solving problems through competition and war?
Do you want to make a game of your Job Search? 
I swear we will have fun.

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