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The Rebound Job ...It's a Good Thing

Everyone has heard about, and many have participated in, a rebound love relationship.

You know what I mean.

The relationship that helps you get over or get out of that “other” relationship.

The relationship that is often just prior to the long-lasting relationship you had been desiring.

It is Time to Embrace the Rebound Job

The same is true for a Rebound Job.

It’s that job that helps you get over the job that left you.  

Or helps you leave that job you are in now that you know is no longer “the one”.

The rebound job helps you to move on.

It’s NOT a Love Thing

A rebound job, like a rebound relationship, has specific qualities:
  • It may not look like anything that you would have expected for yourself but you don’t care.
  • It feels like a distraction from the “ex” job or even your job search, and that’s OK.
  • You may be “using” this job and yet you feel no remorse.
  • It helps to provide the needed buffer between where you have been and where you are going.
  • It creates a NEW conversation. Believe me, your friends will be thanking you. No more victimhood or martyrdom needed. You have something different to talk about!
  • Sometimes the rebound job actually turns into your forever job…but you are not banking on it.  
  • You are having fun! You feel more energized. Life feels good again.

More Confidence and Resolve? Yes, Please! 

In a study on rebound relationships done by Queens College (Claudia Brumbaugh) and the University of Illinois (R. Chris Fahey), it was found that people who get quickly into another relationship, even if it ends up being a rebound relationship, actually have greater psychological and relational health. Analyses in the study also found that people in rebound relationships felt more confident in their desirability and had more resolution over their ex.

Bottom Line: Go out and get yourself a rebound job. Reinvigorate yourself, your career and/or your job search.

If you need help moving on from that ex-job, give me a call at 630-260-7821 or shoot me an email at

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