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The Good New Days

Normally I walk on the paths on the south side of my town since they are closer to my house. Today I had to drop my daughter off for soccer on the north side so decided to walk at the park on that side of town, aptly named Northside Park.

As I am walking I was overcome with nostalgia. Maybe it was because I had been listening to Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots and he was talking about wanting to turn back time to the good old days. And maybe it was because Northside Park is part of my good old days.

As I walked past Northside Pool I remembered. My friends Karen and Angie and I would ride our bikes there every day in the summer. We would swim, talk to boys, practice diving, eat chocolate soft serve ice cream. We loved it.

Then I walked by the old cabin that we used to call the Girl Scout Cabin. It seems so much smaller now. Back then we would have sleepovers there and make s'mores and foil dinners. Our moms would be telling us to go to sleep and quit talking. We always outlasted them.

I’m the second from the right in this photo from my days as a third grade Brownie.

This is what the Girl Scout Cabin looks like today:

Then I walked past the old warming house where we would drink cocoa and skate the day away and past the hill, which also seems much smaller now, where we would sled.

So many memories. For a moment I, too wanted to go back to those days. Living with my parents, no job, fun in the sun. Not that they were not fraught with their own dramas-I was a teenager for gosh sakes. But even with my teenage angst I can look back on those days and smile.

And then I think about today…and 1 year from now, 5 years, 10 years. I feel anticipation. Today is the beginning of my Good New Days. Today I will walk in the park, call a friend, play some cards, work on my new coaching business, spend time with Dave and the kids, cook, garden. Today I make memories that tomorrow I will say "now those were some good old days".

Try This:
Today, deliberately create a future memory.

Pick something to do.

Choose someone to do it with if you are so inclined. (I love shared memories.)

Then as you are creating this future memory stop for a moment. Fully engage with what you are doing. How does your body feel right now? What are the smells? What are you hearing, seeing tasting? Take a mental snapshot.

Take a real snapshot if you want and share it on Facebook or Twitter: Today is my Good New Day #Makingmemories. Then before bed tonight bring up that mental snap shot. Feel those feelings again.

Consider this: The more deliberate good memories we make today the better looking back on them will feel. Then anticipate and create Good New Days in every moment.

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