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Say SO WHAT to Self Doubt

I was part of an event last week for women tech founders.

What women technologists and women who are creating technology firms are doing right now is inspiring to me.

This is a different form of using the female voice and expression from  #metoo or #timesup yet equally as powerful in advancing the careers and lives of women.

I felt empowered.

Until I didn’t.

There was a moment, as I was looking around the room of about 200 women (and 5 men-shout out!), when I thought to myself, “You could be considered a pioneer of sorts in technology”.

Translation:  You're old.

I had started my own technical recruiting firm in 1995 after being part of a partnership in a recruiting firm and programming and selling software for about 4 years.

I had been in tech for…ahhh…awhile.

Don’t Chase Those Rabbits

This thought almost sent me down a very bad rabbit hole of self-doubt.

Then I remembered one of my favorite phrases to combat self-doubt… SO WHAT.

You may be older then 95% of the people in the room… SO WHAT!

You might be overdressed in the land of graphic tees under a suit jacket…SO WHAT! (LOVE this look by the way)
You might not have the “right” credentials…SO WHAT!

You might not feel ready for your next career move… SO WHAT!

The whole point that is that we all have self-doubt.   By saying SO WHAT, you don't give it air time so you do not go down the rabbit hole and get stuck.

Self-doubt never makes you more charming, more successful or more attractive.

Self-love does. Self-acceptance does. Self-awareness does. Self-expression does.


The next time you are feeling not quite all that STOP the thought with a quick (out loud if possible):


Then get on with your bad self!  
  • Introduce yourself to someone in the room
  • Give your attention to someone else and off yourself.
  • Offer to help out
  • Take some notes or photos of cool things going on around you
  • Move your body
  • Smile
  • Apply for that job
If you are ready to get on with your bad self and kick self-doubt to
the curb email me at
or call me, Laurie at 630/260-7821.

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