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Play the What If Game. Build Your Career Confidence

I am involved in the planning of an event for an organization I co-founded called STEAMahead.  This event, STEAMfest,  is set to happen on November 9th 2018 at the Nokia Campus in Naperville, IL (more info to follow).
This event is designed to support women in high school, college, corporate America and entrepreneurs who have or hope to have a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts or math) -related career or business.
As we plan the panel discussions and workshops we have been asking women what they would like to have at the event.  
What we hear, across all segments, at all ages and at different stages in their career or business is that they want to have more confidence in themselves.
Confidence to ask for what they want, to go after what they want, to take risks, to speak up etc.

Give ‘em what they want

This reminded me of a tool I use in my Confidence Building workshop that I call “What If”.
It is based off that “What If” game by Free Spirit Publishing which they describe as Questions and Dilemmas to Get Kids Thinking About Choices. 
My game is for adults and helps people get unstuck and build confidence.

Let the Games begin

The Rules
  1. Get a set of index cards (I like multi-colored cards myself).
  2. On one side of an index card write one question starting with the words “What if…”. Because this is a career confidence building game your What if question should be related to your career aspirations.
  3. Once you have written a What If question flip your index card over and write the word Then and answer your What If question. Sometimes you will write a Then response more than once to one What If question.

Laurie’s example: 

Index Card- Side One
Index Card- Side Two
(Here is think link for Your Future Now! {Link})
Other examples of confidence-building What If questions you might ask yourself are:
What if…I asked a question at the next meeting
What if…I asked for flextime
What if…I said yes to the next invitation I received
What if…I said no to something I really did not want to do even if I thought I “should”
What if…I wrote out my ideal job description
What if…I set a goal for myself and went for it
What if…I didn’t hold back
What if…I stood up for someone at work
What if…I created my next opportunity versus waiting for something to come to me
What if…I took that class
What if…I joined that club or employee resource group

It's your move.

Once you have your What If cards written with the Then responses pick one and go for it. No more what iffin’. Confidence comes from doing. You got this!
What if I emailed Laurie to talk? Then she would set up a time and we would discuss what’s up for me and see if we might work well together.

Email Laurie at today and turn your What If into What next!

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