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Move the Needle

59 cents.

That was on the green button I wore as I marched with my mom in support of the equal rights amendment in 1978.

That is what women were making versus the $1 men were making doing similar work.

Check out the path of the ERA:  {link}

Today, women make 80 cents.

Learn more about here: {link}

Appalling! Yes.

But the needle has moved.

This got me thinking about my own parallel story of needle movement.

23 years ago, minus 3 days, I was watching the Super Bowl with friends.  The actual celebration started Friday.  It may have any started before that, I just can’t remember, but I know for sure that if it was a weekend I had put my work responsibilities away and was entrenched in what I actually worked for-the party on the weekend.

The Monday After

The Monday after Super Bowl Sunday, is the day I use to mark my first day of my new life. I put down the poisons of party materials that day for the last time.

This Monday morning, I woke up around 6:00 am and read.  I did a yoga routine for 45 minutes and then meditated. I opened myself up to receiving greater peace and blessings in my life and I released my prayers for greater peace and blessings to all of mankind.

Moved the Needle

I have moved my personal needle from 59% healthy choices to at least 80%.

I am at least 80% happier than I was before.

And I'm not where I want to be...yet.

I still overeat chocolate and pizza from time to time.

I still stay up past my ideal bedtime giving myself less good rest than I would like.

I sometimes watch mindless TV or catch up on the news even though it really does not feel all that great and is not all that interesting.



I don't always work out in the morning like I have planned.

Yet I'm happier and healthier now than I was in 1994.

I am so grateful for my progress. The fact that I have moved the needle in a more positive direction still seems like a major miracle to me.

Yes, there is more work for me to do starting with celebrating my 23rd Anniversary of choosing healthy over poison.  I stand up strong for where I'm at with a commitment to continuing to move my needle in an even happier and healthier positive direction.

I feel that way about where we have come on women's, human and animal rights.

The progress has been significant. And we have way more to do to have everyone feeling optimistic when they wake up in the morning.

And though we are not where we need or want to be WE HAVE MOVED THE NEEDLE.

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