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It's Your Journey, Claim It!

It's been said that there are many ways to climb a mountain, but your path can change as you change.

One person's path may be straight up, another way may be curved, another may follow a circular route while someone else may take the zig-zag.

At different times, in different places these paths cross.

You catch a glimpse of other possibilities. You may step off the curved path to join the zig-zag for a while and then move to the circular path as you figure out your way.

You are not alone as you climb.

Someone who is skilled at the zig-zag path will extend their hand and offer you help. Maybe it is a friend, a parent or your favorite life coach.

Take that hand. Be guided. Be led for a time being. Get your footing. Just like Martha Beck provided for me.

Try out the new path to see what you see, hear what you hear, and experience what may be experienced.

You can choose a new path at any moment. You can make a new choice. It is your journey. Claim it!


What does your path look like today?
Your Career/Work Path:
Your Relationships Path:
Your Financial Path:
Your Physical Environment Path:
Your Health and Wellness Path:
Your Spiritual Path:

Who is on it with you?

What does this path require of you in order to keep moving forward? Are you ok with that?

How does it feel to walk this path every day? Do you look forward to walking this path?

Does staying on your current path get you to where you want to be one year from now? How about 5 Years from now?

What other paths are you getting glimpses of that intrigue you? Do you feel a pull in a new direction?

What is it about those the other paths that interest you?

Do you see an extended hand? Whose is it?

If you are thinking it may be time to move to a new path, then call me and let's talk. You don't have to get off your current path tomorrow so don't panic.

Right now could be the perfect time to start dreaming about what your new path might look like and make small plans on how to make this path a reality. I would love to be your Sherpa.

Call me at 630/260-7821 or email at
and let me lighten your load.

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