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I'm Having a Love Affair... With My Kindle

A Kindle, for those who do not know, is Amazon’s e-reader. 

A Kindle lets you download books in seconds.

It has an online library that takes up no space on my nightstand, floor or closet.

When I travel, I no longer have to weigh my bag for fear of going over the limit because of all the books I have packed.

Though there is something special about holding a book in your hand and turning a page, having all my books on one small device is pretty fantastic.

TO: A Small Word With A LARGE Promise

What really got me with my Kindle was when I found out I could highlight a word and find out it’s definition and origin!

Like, Therapeutae-a Jewish Sect that lived in the Alexandria region from 530 BCE-70 CE


Nonplussed-One of those words that does not mean what it sounds like it should mean. In this case, nonplussed seems like it should mean that nothing rattles you but, in fact, it means being ill-at-ease or confused.


To-I did not highlight this word on purpose. It was accidental but when I saw the definition I stopped and reread before closing out the window.

A word we use 50 times a day at least.

A word that probably was on our first school spelling list.

TO: expressing motion in the direction of

Wow! That such a small, two-letter word that everyone knows and uses frequently could contain such magnificent meaning.
  • To find a new job
  • To come to an understanding
  • To change my unhealthy patterns
  • To ask for a promotion
  • To meditate
  • To walk the Camino
The word TO conveys a journey not a destination.
  • To start my own business
  • To write a book
  • To Include others
  • To embrace love
  • To create peace
  • To live fully
Using the word TO is being in the not knowing, yet still moving forward.

Try This 

Feel the expansion of the word TO, the opening it creates, the nourishment it brings, the invitation to having the career and life that you love.

Fill in the blanks (you can download this as well):
If you are ready to have a love affair with your career…step into the unknown and begin the journey NOW with me by your side. Call me at 630/260-7821 or email me at

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