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How Bragging Can Benefit Your Career

I’m going to be leading a workshop called Own It! at STEAMfest on November 9th. 
STEAMfest is an event for girls and women interested in or already pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) either in the corporate world or as founders of their own tech companies. 
Here are more details on what will be happening and how to get tickets to the event. 

Own It! is a 1-hour workshop for anyone who would like to learn some tricks and tips to being more confident in their career. We will discuss presence and mindset and discuss the Missing 33% (more on this: previous blog.
I am so excited about this event and have no trouble letting you know about it because you could benefit by attending this day of workshops, networking and panel discussions. 

Fraud Complex

The other thing that is happening, is that I was nominated for an award through Women Tech Founders (known fondly as WTF).
I was nominated in their Talent category. No surprise there since, as an owner of an Information Technology recruiting firm, Laso has been helping information technologists and IT leaders create career strategies and navigate the job search as well as supporting companies of all sizes hire IT talent for over 20 years.
But now people have to vote for me if I’m going to have any chance of winning. 
And I kinda wanna win. 
Wait! I would LOVE to win. 
But asking people to vote for me makes me want to hide. 
I should be humble.
Not toot my horn. 

Why is it OK to tell people about things that will benefit them but be afraid to ask people to help benefit me? 
That is a core limiting belief for women in general and women meant to be leaders specifically. 
That working hard, and believe me I’ve worked hard, will be seen, acknowledged and promoted. 
By being humble you will get noticed.
We need to embrace self-promotion. 
And ask for what we want simply because it benefits us.  
So, I’m asking:  
Vote for me if you know me and think I am deserving. 
Vote for me because you like that I am asking and want to support that
Tell all your friends to vote for me if they would like to support a woman pioneer (yes, I am at the age that I can be called a pioneer) in tech.   VOTE HERE!
On behalf of me-thank you!


Try This-Toot Your Own Horn

This is the week for bragging on your bad self.
Let me know in our Facebook page something remarkable about you.
What are you really good at?
What awards have you won?
What is a compliment you have received?
What is a work highlight you can share?
Are you ready to say bye to being shy? You got this…and I got you. Schedule a 30-minute call with me using my
totally cool calendar tool!  

Or you can email mail me at

P.S. One more toot

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