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Getting Started is the Hardest Part

I like to have the content for my blog done by Monday so that my assistant can put it into the template and make it look pretty.  Then I can review it again. I edit and tweak, she applies my changes for another review and that usually seems to be all that is necessary. 

We are ready to schedule it to go out the following Monday.

 Then I begin the process all over again.

 Except for this week, I am struggling.

 Nothing is coming.

 Has holiday overload kicked in?

 Have I finally depleted my creative blog writing juices?


Self-Coaching 101

Then I remembered some tricks I have recommended to clients when they just can’t seem to get things moving forward in their job search.  I decided to use them on my blog writting and wallah! You are now reading the result. 

Tip #1 Begin Within

Put another way, remember your why. Simon Sinek, fondly known as the Why Guy, has a great Ted talk about companies needing to understand their WHY. He calls his technique of getting to your why the Golden Circle. The outer ring is the WHAT, the middle ring is the HOW and the center is the WHY.

For a job search it might look something like this:

What? I want a new job.

How? I will find a new job by hiring a career coach, sending out my resume, going to networking events and connecting with people on LinkedIn.

Why? Because I want to take my family on a 2-week trip somewhere special every year and do fun things like rope cattle on a ranch, see the Northern Lights and take a cooking class in Venice. I want to create memories for a lifetime. I would like to increase my pay by 5% and my vacation time by 1 week in order to make this happen. Switching jobs is the fastest way to making this a reality.

What do you want to be different in 2018 and why?

Tip #2 Put on your workout clothes

Whenever I am slacking on my workout I tell myself that all I have to do is put on my workout clothes and drive to the park where I walk. Then I can turn around and come home if I really want to but of course, that never happens. I always walk.

This strategy also works well in a job search. What are the workout clothes for your job search? Your laptop perhaps. Just tell yourself you only have to sit down, open your laptop and log into LinkedIn. Most likely, just by that action, you will start to see if there are any jobs to apply to, emails to respond to or people to contact.

What is one step you can take to move forward?

Tip #3 Set a time limit

A twist on Tip # 2 is to set a time limit. Tell yourself you only have to spend 30 minutes on your job search and then call it a day. SURPRISE! The next thing you know you have invested 2 hours. And you feel great!

How can you break down your goal into a bite-sized chunk?

Tip #4  Crank up the Jams

One of the tools we learned in my coach training is about bettering your situation. Make your environment more fun. There is nothing like music to change your mood and help you get stuff done. Here is a list of tunes I love that just make me feel energized whenever I listen to them:


Fully Completely by Tragically Hip

Put Your Records On by Corinne Baily Rae

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant

Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes

Rockstar by Nickelback

Bright Side of the Road by Van Morrision

Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake

 What songs are on your playlist?

If you just can’t seem to get things started then call me!  Let's make your dreams a reality in 2018!  Call me at, 630/260-7821 or email,


Sound Song Advice

Start with Why

Simon Sinek

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