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Get Ready, 'Cuz Here I Come

Get ready. Big things are happening here.

This will sound a bit like a commercial, because it kind of is, I hope you are ok with that.

You will be seeing more emails and posts on my Facebook pages

Get ready for a really fun contest!

Get ready for my FREE Webinar Sign-up!

Get ready for stories about people who are following their passions to their Soul’s Mission!

Get ready for ideas and solutions to help you live YOUR SOUL’S MISSION NOW!

And I need to ask you for a favor.

My Soul’s Mission is to help others get clear on their Ideal Career/Soul’s Mission. My program the NOW™ Life creates clarity and Your Future NOW™ creates the plan to get there.

Please share my content. Why? Facebook has algorithm, and the more people that share my posts, the more people that see them. You can play a BIG role in my success! (and it is easy.)

Tell people you know who have a dream but just seem to only be talking about it. I'm a coach of action. I can help.

Maybe you know a younger person who has graduated from college but just isn’t thrilled with the direction their career is going, and doesn’t know how to get on track.

Maybe you know someone who has had a great career in corporate America but they are burnt out. They would love to do something totally different but can't seem to find the time or energy to make it happen.

They need a coach. For guidance, support and accountability, tell them about me.

Yes, I feel very uncomfortable asking. Yet, asking is part of how things change and new things happen. It's what I tell my clients, you have to put yourself out there, plant the seeds so they can take root and grow. Telling people what you’re hoping for is active energy.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. I cannot do this without you.

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