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Enlarge Your Pot, Enlarge Your Vision

I have several patio plants that add such wonderful color to my patio.

I love them. They make me feel good or at least they did until I went to my parent’s house the other day.

Then…potted plant envy.


My step dad also has patio plants except his are HUGE.

Same plant, same soil, same watering schedule, same sun exposure.

The only difference…the pot.

He has a much larger pot and therefore a much larger plant.

No surprise to the green thumbs out there but for me “amateur gardener” is too strong a term.  I think I thought that if we started with the same size plant we would end up with the same size plant 3 months later. So wrong.

Thank goodness, I make my living as a life coach.

And these plants got me thinking about making a career change and how having your career dreams planted in a larger pot will create a larger career than you may have originally imagined for yourself.

Of course, this also applies to your life.

A large pot can feel overwhelming to the small plant at first. It probably feels way outside its comfort zone. Even lonely. It isn't able to see the sides of the pot and that can bring on fear.  It might feel like it is risky to enlarge its landscape-what if it fails to thrive? 

Good news: You can’t help but fill your larger pot.

That is how this works. You may not end up looking exactly how you have planned but you will be more than what you had expected before you enlarged your vision.

You would still be doing the same things: dreaming about what you want to do next, hiring a coach perhaps, getting specific about what you want, creating a job search plan, sending out your resume, making contacts on LinkedIn, getting additional training/education, networking etc. but, because you are working from a larger pot, there is more room to expand how you go about fulfilling your career dream.

If you had all kinds of space what would you want to “bloom” into?

Try This:

This week let’s enlarge our pot.

What would our career/life be like if we planted ourselves in a larger pot?

Step 1:  Grab a pen and paper.

Step 2:  Quickly, without thinking too hard, write down at least 10 things you would like to have in your career.

Step 3:  Now go back and enlarge those 10 things.

Here is my example for my business. By creating a list of 10 things I had to really dig deep:
Small Pot Large Pot
Help 100 clients per month Help 1000 clients per month
Write a best -selling novel Write 5 best-selling novels
Take 6 weeks off a year Take 12 weeks off per year
Create a sold-out live event Create sold-out, bi-annual live events
Develop a podcast Develop a podcast that is heard by millions
Have a small team of support Have an international business with 100’s of people working in it
Sell a tangible product Sell many tangible products that people love
Be a guest on Super Soul Sunday Have my own Soul’s Mission TV show and have Oprah as my guest
Write a screenplay Win an Oscar for my screenplay
Help people have better lives Create Heaven on Earth-people living their Soul’s Mission
Push against your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to dream big. Who cares if it doesn’t make sense, seem impossible or even a little bit whack-a-doodle. 

Bloom baby, bloom!

If you are ready to bloom into something spectacular just email me at

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