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Eliminate What Limits You: Move Out of Scar City

I asked a question on a recent Facebook Live with Martha Beck- coach, author, artist, writer and tribe-leader extraordinaire.

How does someone get to their limiting thoughts and beliefs if they are not aware of them? 

Martha answered this like it was a no-brainer.

Whenever you are feeling pain, fear, sadness, or any of their variations, there could be a limiting thought at the center.
This could not have come at a better time for me.
If you read last week’s blog - Lynne Twist, Credit Card Debt and Career Fulfillment - you know that I am on a mission to live from a place of sufficiency.

I am through with living my life from a scarcity mindset of “there is never enough” or “more is better “or “nothing will change so why bother”. These are Lynne’s Top 3 Toxic Money Myths that I believe work for any area in your life where you are holding yourself back, doubting, or letting pain, fear or sadness keep you stuck.

Scarcity Thinking is Like Bias

What I realized after writing the blog was that it was all good if you could catch your limited thoughts and behaviors easily as was suggested as part of the awareness exercise in the Lynne Twist blog.

But what if the limited thinking was so ingrained that you do not even realize that it is happening.

You actually may believe what you are thinking is NOT scarcity thinking.

Like bias, you don't know what you don't know, which is why Martha’s advice could not have come at a better time.


I am moving out of Scar City- aka scarcity-get it?

The next layer of moving out of Scar City, as Martha suggested, is to look to your feelings.

Because your true feelings do not lie.
  • If you hear yourself saying “I can’t afford that” and your stomach clenches-go look for the limiting thought.
  • If you are invited to be a part of an advisory board that includes a CEO of multi-million-dollar organization and you catch yourself feeling scared-go look for the limiting thought. 
  • If the thought of asking for a raise turns your knees to mush-go look for the limiting thought.
Living in the Land of Sufficiency is the opposite of Scar City.

In the Land of Sufficiency, you know that all your problems will be resolved so no need to worry. All your needs will be met so no need to fret. All your desires will be fulfilled so relax and enjoy the moment.

Ready to move out of Scar City and leave your limiting thoughts behind?  Then get in touch with me. I have the sufficient time, energy and resources to support you in your next career move.
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