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Do You Fully Trust Life?

I was watching Super Soul Sunday (yes, again).

Oprah had on a 92-year-old Benedictine Monk, Brother David Steindl-Rast, who has written many books and even done a few TED Talks. 

He spoke of many ideas that were pretty great but one thing he asked really resonated.

"Do you trust life?"

Trust, Faith, True Belief

During times of change and disruption, your trust, faith, and beliefs get challenged.

For someone on a job search, or going through any sort of change, it can feel hard to simply trust that life is conspiring on your behalf.
  • Resume submittals go into a black hole. 
  • Companies do not respond.
  • You have an interview and never receive feedback.
It is easy to begin to feel downtrodden.

It is easy to start to feel afraid.

Easier Said Than Done

The thing is, if you fully trust life, then you know in your heart there is no reason to feel anything but expectant of good things.
  • All is working in your favor.
  • Life will not let you down.
  • Good things are on their way to you.
I know this may seem pollyannaish, even naïve.  This can be much easier to believe when things are going well and much more difficult when they are not.

But what if, through just trusting in the nourishment, abundance, healing, and joy of life, you can actually change the outcome of your situation for the better?

What if that was more true than what your worried, fearful mind is asking you to trust?

Let The Games Begin

Which is why I have decided we need to make a game of it.

I'm calling this game called “Trust Life."

And the good news is that we can have more than one winner! In fact, everyone who plays wins.

This Game is a Win-Win

Equipment: You and your thoughts

Object: To trust first and worry never

How to play: Every time you have a fearful thought or you act in a way that is based out of fear every player must:
  1. Stop immediately and say “I trust that life is providing only good things for me”
  2. Smile.
  3. Breathe in and out deeply 3 times
  4. Post on Facebook, tweet or send someone an email (an email to yourself counts!) that says #Itrustlife
How to win: Just by playing you are a winner! Congratulations. 

Let’s play the #Itrustlife game together. Give me a call and let’s talk about your next career move. Email me at and let’s get something scheduled.

Sound Song Advice

Trust In Me

Etta James

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