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Do the Math -- Fulfill Your Dreams

All of us have dreams.

Some of us are actively pursuing them and other of us are busy with our daily life having put the dream on the shelf... for now.

Or at least that is what we have been telling ourselves.

Listen Up People with Shelf Dreams

I want to encourage you to do something related to your dream this week.


Because there is only one you on the planet at this time.

No one else was born at the exact same time as you to the exact same parents.

No one has had the exact same experiences as you.

No one has the exact same thoughts or feelings about any shared experiences you may have had.  

That means that even if there are 1 billion other songwriters, sign makers, website designers, coaches, ceramic tile makers, social workers or small business owners out there, none of them have the exact same perspective as you.

What you have to offer matters.

You may be the only person, because of your unique experiences, who can reach that one person at the exact right time.

You may have just the right product that moves someone to tears and changes their life.

You may have just the right thing that is needed to help further someone else's dream.

What you do not have is all the time in the least not in this lifetime (but that is a discussion for another day.)

Fulfilling your dream is a math problem.

Stephen King gives the advice that a writer should write 1000 words a day.  That is equal to 4 pages a day at 250 words per page.  So, doing the math, in 3 months (90 days) you would have written 360 pages--essentially a book.  You could write 4 books a year.

Now that is the kind of math I like!

This same math can be applied to your dreams.

What if you could make some progress, just a little bit of progress today?  That would alert the Universe, your friends and family, and other like-minded people that you have something you are interested in manifesting in this world.

Laurie's Career Tip of the Week

Take a step in the direction of your dreams today.
  1. Take out a sheet of paper and write done 1 big dream. 
          Example:  I want to write a screenplay.
  1. Figure out one small step you can take to move closer to having that dream become a reality.
          Example:  Order a book called How to Write a Screenplay.

Tomorrow, do one more thing in the direction of your dream.  Then the next day, do just one more thing.... and so on.

I always knew you were good at math!

I'm not a math tutor, but if you need support taking these steps, please let me know.  I can offer you a free 30-minute consultation.  Just email me at, maybe that is your first step?


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