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Cure Procrastination with 1 Simple Question

Laurie’s To-Do List January 22nd, 2017
  • Put away the holiday decorations
  • Write my Blog
  • Unload Dishwasher
  • Write those thank-you notes
  • Get my car washed
  • Shovel
  • Recruit
  • Go to post office
  • Plus, 101 other things on the never-ending list of things I must do
You know that feeling in your body?

The feeling brought on by the dreaded to-do list.

The one the you might call guilt or overwhelm or perhaps a low-level of anxiety.

The feeling that makes you think you are Ray Rayner (Hey Chicago-you know who I am talking about but if not see video below) with post-it notes (sans orange jumpsuit) clipped all over you to remind you of what you still need to get done.

And you can feel your anxious feelings building inside of you.

You find yourself doing nothing and not feeling good about it.  

The 1 Question Cure

When this feeling starts to happen, all you need to do is ask yourself one simple question:

What will make me feel good if I were to do it today?

I know it seems too simple buy try it.

For some reason, just by asking that question you know what you need to do next AND you have the motivation you need to do it.

Short and sweet.

Like this blog.

If getting a new job is on your to-do list send me an email and let’s schedule a time to talk. Helping you feel good is on my can’t-wait-to-do list.

Information about William James

William James was a philosopher, psychologist and the first educator to offer a psychology course in the United States. He has been called the "Father of American psychology”.

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