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Creating a Career of EEE (pronouced ease!)

I have spent over 20 years and worked with 1000’s of people helping them to navigate the job search and career change process.

What I have learned is that in order to have a career that continues to fulfill you and a job search that is smooth you just have to follow the path of EEE’s (pronounced like the word ease).

A simple formula that works!

Steps Job Search and Career EEE’s

Step One-Explore – When you have made the decision that it is time for a career/job change (or, perhaps, that decision has been made for you) you must first be like Christopher Columbus and become an explorer…of YOU.
  • What do you like to do?
  • What is it you are passionate about?
  • What are you good at?
  • What do you know?
  • What problem would you like to fix in the world? Or as Dr. Tererai Trent says in her must-read book: The Awakened Woman: Remembering & Reigniting Our Sacred Dreams- “What breaks your heart?”

Step 2- Embrace -In this step I invite you to embrace this journey. Create a positive, growth mindset about where you are at, where you have been and what you have to offer without apology.

Recognize and embrace that this might not always be smooth sailing…and that’s ok.

Remembering your Why helps. Check out this blog Getting Started is the Hardest Part.

Step 3-Elevate – Now is the time to Rise Up. Have courage. Be Fearless. Go after what you want. Ask for help. It's time to take action on your dreams. It requires a balance between using your impulsive intuition and your focused discipline.  Read more about that in last week’s blog, Impulsive + Disciplined = Career Change Success.
If you are ready to create a career with EEE’s then email me and we can set a time to talk

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