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A Quiz: What do You Believe?

I love a great inspirational story especially when it offers me a new perspective and an opportunity to learn and grow.

There was a young girl, Mary Morrissey, who was pregnant, in the hospital and at a low point in her life.

A chaplain came to visit her and during their conversation said this profound statement:

"Everything is created twice. Once as a thought and then as a thing."

WOW! Take that in.

Everything around you started as a thought. Of course that makes sense but I never REALLY thought about what that could mean to manifesting the life that I yearn for.

I recognized that my thoughts come from my beliefs and I have TOTAL control over them.

So, if I follow what the chaplain said to Mary, because I control my thoughts/ beliefs then what I have in my physical world is because of what I have thought and/or believed.

Belief-A Definition: acceptance of, or confidence in, an alleged fact or body of facts as true or right without positive knowledge or proof.

As a coach, part of my work is helping people look at their beliefs to insure that what they are believing is aligned with who they are becoming (not just beliefs they were told as a child or that came out of different circumstances in their life that no longer exist).

For my purposes, a belief is a decision you make about what you think is or is not true or what you decide you can or cannot do. But, as the definition states, a belief does not have to be based in any fact or science.

So, why not have a different belief that makes you feel good versus a belief that makes you feel bad.

Old Belief: I believe that if I say NO to a job opportunity that does not feel right then no other opportunities will come my way and I will fall into financial ruin.

New Belief: By saying NO to something that does not feel good to me I am saying yes to something else that is bigger, better and more fun!

The World is Flat

For centuries people believed the world was flat. It would have been near impossible to shake someone off that belief. People made decisions about how they would conduct their lives and probably would have fought to the death about this belief if necessary. Thank goodness for Pythagoras and Aristotle who suggested a different viewpoint?

Looking at what you believe helps you see your life more clearly and
then you can start to change those beliefs that are no longer working for you and attract different things, people and/or circumstances.

A Quiz: What do you believe?

I came up with this fun and unprofessional quiz just for you. It has a list of some common positive beliefs from different areas of life. There are many more beliefs that a person could have but I thought this was a good start.

Place an X under the column (Always, Sometimes, Never) when you ask yourself how often do you believe the Belief statement.

At the end of the quiz you will see an action step you can take to create more positive outcomes in your life.

Belief Always Sometimes Never
I am lovable
I accept myself
I can change my habits
I am resilient
I am successful
People are good
People are trustworthy
There is someone for me
I matter to others
Relationships are easy
The Universe conspires on my behalf
I believe in miracles
I am here for a larger purpose
I am guided
I am not alone
The Universe is abundant
I have what I need
There is an unlimited supply of money
Money is good
My financial past does not dictate my future
I can have it all
Work is fun
I can make a difference in people’s lives
I am living my purpose
I have a calling
I am strong
I can heal myself
I am resilient
I feel good
What I eat matters

Action Step: Now it is time to improve your possibility of creating the life you yearn for.

1. Take one of the beliefs that you choose either Sometimes or Never for. This should be a belief that you could see benefit if you believed this way more often.

2. Take that belief and for the next week look for facts or evidence to back up this new belief you are exploring.

Example: Money is unlimited

Evidence of how believing this might be true could be that when you give a dollar to the clerk at a store it does not disappear but moves on to a new place.

So what? That means that as money moves to a new place money is also moving on to you.

3. When you find yourself falling back on the opposite of the belief you are trying to live into, reframe what is happening so that it can feel more like the new belief.

Put the old belief on pause. Just for a week.

4. What evidence did you find to back up the new belief? Did anything new manifest in your life? Call me at 630/260-7821 or email me at, and let me know what happened.

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