Are You Living Your Soul's Mission?

September 25th was one of my favorite days because The Voice was back!  For me, The Voice is right up there with Super Soul Sunday as the show that moves me whenever I watch.  I just feel good. In the first show...Read More


Do the Math -- Fulfill Your Dreams

All of us have dreams.Some of us are actively pursuing them and other of us are busy with our daily life having put the dream on the shelf... for now.Or at least that is what we have been telling ourselves.  Listen Up People with Shelf...Read More


Enlarge Your Pot, Enlarge Your Vision

I have several patio plants that add such wonderful color to my patio.I love them. They make me feel good or at least they did until I went to my parent’s house the other day.  Then…potted plant envy.   My...Read More


Access to All the Money in the World

Money can be a big quandary when a person is on or considering a job search. How much should I ask for so that I leave nothing on the table? Am I asking too much? Too little? What is my monetary value in the market? How do I negotiate...Read More


Finding the Gifts in Closed Doors: a.k.a. Soul's Mission Strategy, Part II

When I was in high school, the first interview I ever had was to be a lifeguard at a local pool.I had all the credentials.I was a very strong swimmer, I had been giving lessons for 2 years and I had passed my Red Cross Life Guard certification.After...Read More


Ideal Career Meditative Exercise: a.k.a. Soul's Mission Strategy, Part I

I have a good friend who is struggling on his job search.He called me because he had, once again, come in second for a job he hoped to land. “What am I doing wrong," he asked me? We went down the checklist. Resume in good shape?...Read More


Is Donald Trump Living his Soul's Mission?

It would seem like it.He had a desire to become the President of the United States.He worked hard for his dream.People supported him.He is making good money.He became the President of the United States.  That must mean that he is living his...Read More


Wonder Woman, Soul's Mission and You!

If you have not seen the new Wonder Woman yet, I highly recommend you run not walk to the movie theater.During the movie, I realized that Wonder Woman was following her Soul’s Mission.That’s my kind of gal!  How did I know Wonder...Read More



I remember one of the weirdest experiences of being a new mother was when son cried and almost instantly my breasts filled with milk. Very strange sensation for sure. I'm sure that the doctors told me about this, or I read about it in all my...Read More


Get Ready, 'Cuz Here I Come

Get ready. Big things are happening here. This will sound a bit like a commercial, because it kind of is, I hope you are ok with that. You will be seeing more emails and posts on my Facebook pages Get ready for a really fun contest! Get ready for my...Read More


Move the Needle

59 cents. That was on the green button I wore as I marched with my mom in support of the equal rights amendment in 1978. That is what women were making versus the $1 men were making doing similar work. Check out the path of the ERA: ...Read More


The Blow That Split Me in Two

When I was in the process of getting clean and sober I saw lots of therapists, watched many episodes of Oprah, read plenty of self-help books, attended retreats and went to a lot of AA/NA meetings to gain insight into what I was grappling with...Read More


A Seven Nation Army Couldn't Hold Her Back

People often say that you should "remove your masks". I think that is very good advice. A life spent hiding your authentic self is not only hard work but exhausting and not much fun. But sometimes putting on a mask (and I'm not talking about...Read More


It's Your Journey, Claim It!

It's been said that there are many ways to climb a mountain, but your path can change as you change. One person's path may be straight up, another way may be curved, another may follow a circular route while someone else may take the zig-zag. At...Read More


Grandpa Knows Your Life Purpose

How many times have you asked yourself, "What is my purpose?" Maybe you have felt as if you were not doing what you were meant to be doing with your life but are stuck in the "same old, same old" with no real idea what you are passionate about or...Read More


A Quiz: What do You Believe?

I love a great inspirational story especially when it offers me a new perspective and an opportunity to learn and grow. There was a young girl, Mary Morrissey, who was pregnant, in the hospital and at a low point in her life. A chaplain came to...Read More


I'm giving you permission to take the day off

Do you ever feel like there are so many obligations on your plate that require your attention yet you are frozen? You don't know where to start. Well I do. So, I woke up one morning last week and decided to take the day off from doing anything that...Read More


The Good New Days

Normally I walk on the paths on the south side of my town since they are closer to my house. Today I had to drop my daughter off for soccer on the north side so decided to walk at the park on that side of town, aptly named Northside Park. As I am...Read More


Fence me in...Please!

One of my favorite stories I ever heard was from back in the day when I was doing a lot of personal growth work. The leader of the group I was involved with, Judith Wright, told a story of a study she had read about where the researchers had young...Read More