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The Simple Fix to an Epic Fail

I thought we were on the same page.
I was to send an email inviting people to participate in an upcoming event.
I wrote a FANTASTIC email (with help and it was great!).
And I sent it out.
I immediately heard from the CEO.
Her: “Did that go out to the whole list?”
Me: “Um…yeah?”
Her: “I thought we agreed…” (she was calm and gracious but you know nothing good ever follows those four words.)


What we have here is a failure to communicate

I had misunderstood.
My awesome email was only to go to a certain segment of the email list.
I felt horrible.
The CEO was scrambling trying to figure out how to “fix” what happened. The emails between us were flying furiously:
Maybe this?
How about that?
What if we say this?

The Power of Love

And then I remembered my mantra.
“I only have room for love”

This is a concept I have been playing with for weeks now. I have been driving my team a bit crazy with it.
Whenever I feel myself getting caught up in something negative I say to myself and whoever is nearby:
 “Wait, I almost forgot, I only have room for love…love for this traffic, that boss, the election, this spiraling event, that difficult co-worker and for myself and all others.”
I only have room for love and nothing else. Like a glass overflowing with water.  I am filled to overflowing with love. There is no space for one other thing.
No room for guilt, shame or self-blame.
No room for gossip, judgement or ill-will.
No room for negative thoughts or words.
No room for fear, self-doubt or scarcity thinking. 
When you tell yourself you only have room for love everything shifts immediately. For me, I feel an immediate lightening up in any situation.
So, I decided it was time to bring the concept into this situation.
I sent a quick email reminding my friend, the CEO, that all the recipients of that email had room only for love for her company and what she was building and that included my epic fail email.
The next email said, “Thanks. I needed that.”
And we decided to not make any decisions in the moment and just sleep on it.
Of course, everything looked better in the morning. We figured out a best course of action and moved on.
Because Love has that kind of power.

Try This:

This is an easy Try This; Just start to say “I only have room for Love” to anything and everything and anyone and everyone that causes you any level at angst at all!
Let me know how it goes.  (You can post on my Facebook Page, or email me!)
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