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The Number One Question That Brought Me Peace

It is December. The month that my heart just about explodes with love for friends and family and memories past and present:

  • Putting up the Dickens Village with my daughter and trimming the tree.

  • Finding that perfect gift for that person who has everything and wants for nothing.
  • The annual potluck dinner with my girlfriends.
  • Shopping for a cause with my work team before our holiday.
  • Watching all my favorite holiday movies with the family.

  • Bowling, sledding, playing games with the grandparents, making Christmas cookies and on and on.

Underlying everything for me is LOVE.


No, I don't have my head in the sand. I am aware that many events (election, Dakota Access Pipeline, etc) have left people angry and scared. Standing up against injustice is necessary, speaking out is important. However, I also firmly believe you can impact change without fighting, disparaging others, or making decisions from a place of fear. Which is where the #1 question comes in.


This question comes from something I heard Brooke Castillo, Life Coach, say in regard to having a healthier relationship with food. I have taken this question and now I use it for pretty much any choice I am trying to make.

The simple questions you can ask yourself are...

What feels most like love right now?
Should I watch Love Actually or Family Man?
Should I walk or do yoga?
Should I eat soup or pasta?
Should I work or play?

So this holiday season choose to do what most feels like LOVE and create peace for yourself, and who knows, maybe even change the the world!

With LOVE,


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