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Stack the Cards in Your Favor

I am not sure if you play poker but I have been playing with a group of girlfriends every month since 1997. Lots of fun and the money just moves from one pocket to another so you never really feel like you are losing.

The thing about poker that makes it such a great game is, with most of the poker games people play, you are not stuck with the cards you are dealt. You have a chance to trade in cards you don't like in the hopes that you will build a better hand and take down the pot.

I was thinking about this the other day and had another of my crazy epiphanies.

Thoughts are like a deck of cards!

If you don't like the thought you have been "dealt" then just choose another! Simple as that.

"This dress makes my hips look big" gets traded for "The color of this dress brings out my eyes."

"I will never figure out how to do this" gets traded for "You have figured out tougher things in your life. You got this."

"My daughter should not be (doing, saying, wearing) XXX" gets traded for "I love my daughter, just the way she is."

So, trade up! Bad cards will rarely win the pot. Bad thoughts rarely help a situation.

It is your choice what thoughts you think so why not think the good ones.

Try This:

This month, make your own set of playing cards and deal yourself a winning hand.

Every time you have a thought that just does not feel good:

Write it down on a piece of paper and then toss it out like a bad playing card.

Next, write down a related thought that does make you feel good. Have fun with it. Make that new thought so good you can't help smiling and people will wonder what you are up to!

Keep this card and build a winning hand.

Read them before you go to bed each night.

My guess is you will be a winner in a matter of days.

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