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Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

I recently reposted and article from Robert Wyse about Julie Mills.
Julie Miles is a jewelry designer who has traveled the world and created fantastically beautiful jewelry inspired by a trip she took to Bali after she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.
The thing that caught my attention about Julie is the fact that she had a long-term, successful corporate job in the fashion world before her diagnosis. If she had not been diagnosed with cancer she may never have found her forgotten love of jewelry design and exploded on the fashion scene doing jewelry for the red carpet and more.
This article was like a sign for me. It helped to confirm how I want to help people as a coach.

I coach high-achieving women who are leaders in their industry and/or successful entrepreneurs but, when they let themselves get quiet, they know that they are no longer in alignment with where their true self (or whatever you call it – your soul self, higher self, essential self or spirit…) wants to be.

And because they are out of alignment they are not treating themselves well. They are not making the changes they know they would like to make in order to feel greater joy, peace and passion again. They also know deep down that they are killing themselves softly.

Maybe it is because I was in a job that was killing me before, thank goodness, I was laid off.

Being laid off led me to recruiting and eventually I opened up my own firm where I have experienced great joy and financial success over the years. I can clearly see and feel the difference between surviving and thriving.

It might also have to do with the fact that I have been clean and sober for 21 years now.

I know what it feels like to come home after work and reach for that glass of wine, the remote control, the sleeve of Oreo cookies or the credit card because that feels like the only way to find relief in the moment.

Everything else you "should" be doing (exercising, meditating, taking a bath, calling a friend etc.) just feels like one more "to do".

Zoning out with food, drinks, drugs, shopping etc. is so much easier. And it sort of works.
Except when it doesn't.

And more and more, it doesn't. You just feel bad about yourself.

It would not surprise me to learn that Julie was not in love with her corporate job when she became ill. I have read about many people with a similar story not to see this as a pattern. What signs was she ignoring before The Universe would not let her ignore them any longer?

It is easy to ignore the initial signs that the life you are leading, the career you are in, the way you are spending your time, is not what fills you up and brings you joy any longer.

Because the initial signs do not often stand out in bright green like a road sign telling you which way to go. They are quieter. You actually have to listen for them and be aware.

Sometimes they come by way of an overheard conversation that sticks with you or a song on the radio or a dream you had.

What I can tell you with a great degree of certainty is that if you keep ignoring signs and keep bucking up and facing another day spending your time doing what you no longer love, you might end up addicted like I was or very sick like Julie or, at the very least, sad, bored, or filled with regret.

Today Julie says that she loves to wake up every day happy and healthy.

Isn't that how you would like to feel when you wake up every morning?


That is where I come in. I know this place. I have been there. My journey has been all of the above.

It was when I started to follow the signs that I was able to get clean and sober, start my own business and build a life that I love and had only yearned for before. A life that is easier, more peaceful and way more fun.

Let me help you put down the crutch that has been holding you up but causing you pain and work with you to bring your passion to life. A new job, a new business, a new life.

You need to stop waiting.

Movement is the key to change. Action is the way out of fear.

By the way-you don't have to change everything right away. This does not have to be a complete and total upending of your life.
You don't have to quit your job, sell your business, or move to Ball yet.

You just have to create some space to dream, reassess, contemplate, take a few baby steps.

Like a boat, when you shift you're position today by one degree on the compass you change your future horizon by many degrees.

Set up a time to talk with me (no charge by the way).

Call me 630/260-7821 or email me at and let's see if having me by your side as you set sail, helping you make adjustments, dream bigger, and explore ideas makes sense.

Call Laurie, call Laurie, call Laurie!

How's that for a sign?

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