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Poisons are not the Path to Your Soul's Mission

I was working with a client recently who is in the process of getting ready to leave behind her director-level job and go after a Vice-President role.

As often happens when coaching, we do not just talk about her resume, her networking strategies or her job search plan.

This particular day we were talking about her decision to start back on her Paleo eating plan.

You know, to eat like a cave man, (or cave woman in this case.)

I wanted a bit more data so I asked her to tell me more about this quandary and how it might impact her job search.

She said that when she is eating Paleo she sleeps better and has more energy during the day. The job search was that much easier. She could work a full day and still have the energy and enthusiasm to investigate target companies and apply to those that looked promising.

Why Did She Keep Doing What She Didn't Want To Do?

So, why then does she commit, then fall off the wagon, only to recommit and fall off again.

I could have gone down a whole list of things I have learned during my years in AA, therapy and attending Weight Watchers but that was not going to help.

She is a smart, multi-six-figure income leader in a Fortune 500 company.

She knew what to eat. She knew the nutritional values of the foods she “should” eat and those she “should not”. She really wanted to stick to the plan. It made her feel good.

It wasn't about knowing what to do or not to do.  It was time to get out of her head and access her soul.

I offered up a suggestion that has been working for me as I have been on my own clean eating plan.

One Simple Question

I suggested that whenever she found herself starting to think about going off her plan, she ask herself one simple question.

What can I do to nourish my Soul right now?

Having spent many years overdrinking, overeating, overspending (what I fondly call my poisoning behaviors) all the while still feeling undernourished, I have found this question to be a game-changer.

Whenever I am indulging in a poisonous behavior you can be sure I am not connected to my Soul’s Mission.

Poisons are not the Path to Your Soul's Mission 

There are many ways to “poison” yourself. Those I already mentioned had been my main go-to poisons but you can also over-analyze, over-exercise, over-use screens, over-sleep, over-criticize, over-react, over-sex, be over-attached…

The good news about your poisons is that they send a clear message you are off track.

Now you have the antidote, just ask your soul what it needs to feel nourished right now.


TRY THIS:  Let's Play the Poison Game

  1. Make a list of all your poisonous behaviors
  2. For the next week, whenever you find yourself indulging or thinking about indulging in one of these behaviors ask yourself the all -important question,
What can I do to nourish my Soul right now? “
  1. Then listen. Let your Soul respond.

The other day when I did this my Soul said “Take a nap”. Great advice. And for 10 minutes I did just that.

I felt so much better. It was like my Soul was so happy that I was finally paying attention.  

I can’t wait to hear what your Soul suggests as antidotes to your passions. Post it up on my Facebook page!  (Link)

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