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My Not-So-Super Power

I Dream of Jeannie

Harry Potter

All of the Incredibles


and my favorite, Bewitched!

Who would not want to twitch their nose and be in Hawaii, turn their cat into a pony or create a brand new kitchen?

I have always been a fan of stories about people with super powers. I wanted a super power. I remember, after an old-school binge of reading Nancy Drew books, I went around my house tapping on walls and twisting knobs to try to find a secret room. I knew I could not cross my arms and blink a new wardrobe but I thought I could at least discover something that no one else knew was there. And I did! I found an old, empty (no gold treasures there) milk box where milk used to get dropped off back in the day of milk delivery that had been sealed over. I thought that was pretty cool but not really Super Power worthy.


Fast forward to 2015. I am lying in bed in the early morning thinking about whether I would go excercise. That is when it hit me.

I DO have a super power.


I can rationalize any decision that I want to make even when I know it is not the best choice for me.

Case in point: I had been getting up early and working ten hour days for a part-time contract recruiting project. I rationalized, on my days off, I really needed to rest so I would not get sick. I did not feel sick. I had been sleeping for 7 hours a night. I was rested. But, I did not feel like exercising so I rationalized that I was taking care of myself by "resting" in bed.

Super-Rationalizer on the Scene!

Another example you may have seen was in a post I had on Facebook recently. My mentor coach Susan Hyatt was promoting a new weight loss program. I considered it but rationalized that I "shouldn't" sign up because of the money it would cost. (HINT:when you find yourself using words like should, shouldn't or can't you may be putting on your very own SUPER RATIONALIZER cape.)

Then Susan has the nerve to offer a FREE program to one lucky winner. That is when I realized that SUPER RATIONALIZER had struck again.

The real reason I did not want to sign up for the program had less to do with the money and more to do with the fact that I did not want to sign up for another weight loss program that I was afraid I would fail at again. Saying that I did not want to spend the money sounded legit. I did not have to admit my fears, afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to tell my real truth. Which means I would never change. I had to change my Super Power in order to change myself.
Do you have a Not-So-Super Power? Post it on Facebook and tell the world!


And if you want a new Super Power try this:


  1. Acknowledge your Not-So-Super Power. Name it and claim it so there is no shame in it. It is just a thing. I rationalize. Maybe you are Super Procrastinator, Super Intellectualizer, Super Martyr, Super Victim, Super Lone Wolf. Super TV Watcher. Post it up on Facebook.
  2. Track when you are using it. Shine a light on it. Is it mainly around food, money, time? Is it with your mom, kids or spouse? When does your Not-So-Super Power like to flex its muscles?
  3. Have Compassion for your not-so-super power. Thank it and then let it know that it is time to take off its cape and take a long needed rest. That is where my real SUPER POWER lies.
  4. Change it. Come up with another Super Power that is more in line with who you really want to be. In my case, I want to be SUPER TRUTH TELLER. I want to say what is really going on for me in the moment and not hide behind excuses, half-truths or outright lies.

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