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Lynne Twist, Credit Card Debt and Career Fulfillment

I received a check from a client for $21,000 this past week.

At the same time, my son asked me to transfer $30.41 to his account to cover the cost of a school supply.

I went online to transfer the funds to his account and in doing so I noticed my business credit card balance owed was $20,089.

In that moment, I remembered a commitment I made to myself at the beginning of 2018 to pay cash for everything whenever possible (and I have been doing that) and to pay off all my debt as quickly as possible never being beholden to creditors again.

I had a vision that I would write one check to each of my outstanding debts and pay them each off all at once.

Fear Buster

I decided to do what I had committed to doing.

To leap right over my fear.

I made the transfer and paid off the credit card…all of it in one full swoop!

I felt a rush of joy and tears came to my eyes at this action, what I considered to be a leap of faith in Divine Love/The Universe/God that, like love, compassion and kindness, there is an unlimited supply of money available to me at all times.  

Then I panicked!

Was I crazy or just irresponsible?

My bigger dream/goal is to have more than enough money to meet all my needs and fulfill my desires.

Does that make me crazy or irresponsible? I think not! 

This dream/goal started me on a journey to recognize my core beliefs/thoughts about money and how some were helpful and some were getting in my way of reaching my dream.

This exploration led me to the book by Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money, and the concept of scarcity thinking.

When I panicked I knew I was in the grip of scarcity thinking.

Why didn’t I just pay half the credit card now and save the other half of the money…just in case?

I had seen Lynne on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday (Season 8, Episode 2) and loved what she had to say.

I learned something. A seed was planted.

But growth requires a change of behavior and I must admit that I did not change my behavior immediately.

That came later with the forming of my dream/goal and the idea that I actually might be able to reach this goal through the release of limiting thoughts and behaviors.

"What If" Fear

I was up against a limiting belief wanting to become a limiting behavior when I had the thought that I should pay off only half of the credit card because I felt what I call "WHAT IF" FEAR.
  • What if I never make another sale?
  • What if the furnace dies and I need cash fast?
  • What if other people learn about this (and now you are!) and think less of me?
Thank goodness for The Soul of Money because it delivered other messages to me in this time of "WHAT IF" FEAR that helped life me out of this space.
  • The 3 Toxic Money Myths:          
    • There is not enough to go around
    • More is better
    • Nothing is going to change so why bother?
  • The real prosperity and satisfaction in life comes from the outlook and experience of sufficiencyWe are all whole and compete.  
  • When we align our relationship with life and our relationship with money we are empowered in unimaginable ways.
  • This new mindset will be the catalyst to greater wealth, contribution, meaning and satisfaction in my life. BIG HELL YES TO THAT!
I realized by paying off this credit card I was saying, “YES” to my desire to be transformed and “BACK OFF” to limited, scarcity thoughts and behaviors.

I decided to let go of fear in that moment and open myself up to the great abundance that is available to me in every moment through not believing the toxic myths.

Money and Career Fulfillment

Because money and career are so tightly bound they are a breeding ground for scarcity thinking and behaviors. Money and career are also a great opportunity to shut down fear-based thoughts and behaviors. You can instead make decisions about your career based on joy and fulfillment and using your gifts and talents versus just because you will make a good salary or appear wise or accomplished in the eyes of your peers.
  • I need to get a degree that is in something that will pay me a decent income and not just explore that which brings me joy. Oprah talks about this with Lynne in the Super Soul Sunday Show when she tells the story about one of the girls she put through school whose parents want her to be a lawyer but teaching is what fills her with joy. What if she goes against her parents wishes and they silently punish her for years to come?
  • I can’t negotiate a higher salary. What if they fire me?
  • I can’t possible work part-time and spend more time with my family. What if they decide to hire someone else who will work full-time and I lose my job altogether?
  • Take a quick walk around the block? What if my boss sees I am offline, then what?
  • I cannot possible push back on the decision not to bonus every hard worker on my team. What if the bosses decide that none of us need a bonus then?

Scarcity Thoughts and Behaviors are Everywhere 

Now is the time to take a stand to let go of scarcity.

Now is the time to transform yourself, your career and your life through changing thoughts and behaviors.


Try This

For the next week let’s live in a place of sufficiency with the idea that all our problems are resolved with ease, our needs are met and our dreams are fulfilled.

Step 1 - Learn through Awareness

Get yourself a little notebook or a pad of paper and every time you have a limiting thought or act on a limiting behavior write it down.

Look for times when you are saying things like:
  • I don’t have enough money.
  • I don’t have enough time.
  • I don’t have enough clients.
  • I don’t have enough energy.
  • I don’t have enough of the right clothes.
Look for times when you are having thoughts that you are not whole and complete:
  • Everyone else seems to have it all figured out.
  • I could not possibly ask for a raise.
  • I look old.
  • Who are you to…fill in the blank?
Look for the times when you act out of a place of "WHAT IF" FEAR like:
  • Stopping yourself from going somewhere because it is out of your comfort zone.
  • Not inviting someone over because you are too tired.
  • Only paying ½ the bill just in case…
  • Not tipping.
  • Using words like “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “the love of money is the root of all evil.”
  • Looking at a wealthy person and judging what they must have had to do in order to be rich.
  • Judging the impoverished about what they are not doing to help themselves more.
Step 2 – Grow through a change in behavior

Rephrase and re-frame. Take a do over.

Example: If you had a fear-filled thought a trick I use is to acknowledge the fear, state some proof that the fear is not accurate and then talk back to it with what I choose instead:

 “I am feeling afraid that I will not have enough money to pay my bills yet I know that I have been able to pay my bills over and over again so I choose to let this be my truth in this situation instead of the fear”

Example:  Share your time, resources and talents

Example:  Don't be reluctant. Ask!
Step 3 – Appreciate 
Lynne Twist has a great quote, “What you appreciate, appreciates.”

In Step 3, appreciate, have gratitude for all you have, as well as for all your yearnings and desires yet unfilled. Simply write down and/or say aloud all you appreciate:
  • I appreciate indoor plumbing and hot water.
  • I appreciate the smell of beer in my car because my husband cares for the planet so much that he brings a bag to the Cubs Game so he can gather plastics cups to recycle later.
  • I appreciate my desire to run a global company that makes a positive difference in the world.
  • I appreciate that Chase Bank gave me a line of credit to meet my obligations when I was deep in my scarcity thinking and behaviors.
  • I appreciate that I get to pay Nicor every month so I can use my dryer.
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