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Be a Job Support System

When it comes to ideas, some people may call me multi-passionate and others think I am a bit ADHD.

I am not sure which is the most accurate but one of the ways I manage my non-stop thought process is with a yellow pad of paper.

I keep a pad of paper in my car so that I can capture ideas I have after my walk, at a stop light or while waiting for my daughter’s soccer game to start.

Sometimes I will put ideas on my phone but I really like to write them down -- and right away. I do not like to wait too long because good ideas seem to get lost in the next noise that is coming across.

Laurie, what does this have to do with supporting someone on a job search?

Reasonable question. Let me connect the dots.

The other day I was sitting in my car before a meeting and I had an idea for a FREE e-Book to help job seekers. This e-Book will help with the overwhelm that often comes with doing something that most people only do a few times in their lives.   (It's a work-in-progress, stay tuned!)

Not wanting to miss this creative stream of consciousness, I grabbed my pad and flipped to what I thought was a blank page and saw this instead:
I could have cried right there if I was not worried about ruining my makeup.

My husband, my love, had written a simple message in a place he knew I would eventually find it.

He knows I use this pad to capture all kinds of ideas and thoughts as I build my coaching business.

It was his quiet way of supporting me. He knows that building a new business can feel overwhelming, hard, scary and frustrating much like conducting a job search.

Just a simple message yet so powerful and boy, did I feel supported.

That had me thinking of the many times I have been asked by parents, spouses or friends about how to support their loved ones on a job search. What to say? How to say it? What help to offer? When to back off?

Which leads me to my Career Change Tip of the Week

Career Change Tip of the Week - 
Be a Job Support System

Offering help when someone is on a job search can be tricky. Right or wrong, people can be sensitive when it comes to accepting support regarding their search. Here are some fun and simple things you can do that will let them know you are there for them:
  • Put a note on their car windshield that says “Hey, I’m with you. If you need something, just ask.”
  • Make a plate of their favorite snack foods and leave it next to their computer.
  • Give them a fun handmade book of coupons that say things like:  GOOD for one shoulder to cry on, FREE movie date-you pick, ENTITLES the bearer to 5 minutes of compliments.
  • Send them a funny joke or video about job seeking.  
  • Celebrate the little wins with them:  finishing a great cover letter, getting a phone interview, hitting the daily activity number, etc.
  • Ask them how they would like to be supported and let that guide you.
  • Attend networking events with them. They are way more fun with company!
  • Create space for them to focus on the search by offering to take on some chores.

Support someone you know who is on a job search.  Send them my information: or 630/260-7821.

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