Confessions of an I GET SH*T DONE Addict

Last week I: Ran a pitch contest for 8 investors and 8 tech company founders for Women Tech Founders-first time I ever did that! Was a finalist for a Tech Industry Talent Award-I did not win but had a blast glamming. Facilitated a panel...Read More


The Simple Fix to an Epic Fail

 I thought we were on the same page. I was to send an email inviting people to participate in an upcoming event. I wrote a FANTASTIC email (with help and it was great!). And I sent it out. I immediately heard...Read More


Are You In a Bad Boy Career Relationship

When I was in college I dated a bad boy. He drove a fast, black sports car…with a stick shift!He had been in a few scuffles with the law-like Sean Penn in Bad Boys without the killing.He was missing a finger due to a homemade...Read More


Be a Better Employee Vacate on Vacation AND at Work

I am currently in Sarasota, Florida.  I travel here during the 39th week of every year- because that is the week of our timeshare.   I could go other places with the timeshare but I always come back to Sarasota....Read More


Grieving Before Leaving: A Helpful Career Change Tip

A weird thing started happening in July.I was waking up most mornings feeling sad. Sometimes on the verge of tears. At first, I was not sure what was going on. When I looked at the current circumstances it did not make sense. Work...Read More


5 Steps to Remodeling Your Career

A good friend of mine is moving.She has had her house on the market for a bit.They’ve lowered the price…twice.Part of the reason it was not selling, in her opinion, is that they had not spent time and money and effort into...Read More


A Simple Formula + 10 Mantras for the Career and Life You Love

I started my career as a computer programmer which might be why I'm a sucker for a formula.  I think I have figured out a formula for having a career and life you love and a technique to keep you on track.  Your thoughts + Your...Read More


Your Most Important Career Move - Move Towards the Light

I have a plant in my family room that is a most unusual shape.The pot is about 4 feet away from the top of the plant.Because the plant can’t help itself.It must move towards the spot that allows it the most access to the light.The...Read More


A Counterintuitive Solution to Having a Successful Project

I’m currently helping lead a fairly significant volunteer project.  It is 90% successful and 10% challenging.  Most would consider this 100% successful but not me. The problem is that I have found myself...Read More


Lynne Twist, Credit Card Debt and Career Fulfillment

I received a check from a client for $21,000 this past week.At the same time, my son asked me to transfer $30.41 to his account to cover the cost of a school supply.I went online to transfer the funds to his account and in doing so I noticed...Read More


How to Have Your Career Match the Cadence of Your Life

A friend called me because she was in a dilemma.Spring break was coming up and she and her family had rented a beach house in North Carolina and were meeting her mom and dad there.They had the beach house from Saturday to Saturday.She...Read More


Lift As You Climb: The Real Inclusion Rider

I DID NOT notice her.OK. That is not true.I did notice her.I just thought she wanted to sit on the swing by herself and read a book.It was not until years later that I learned that she, in fact, wanted something totally different.She...Read More


SURVEY WITH PRIZES: What Are Your Career Fears?

If you know me you know that I am a die-hard optimist.I see the glass overflowing.That does not mean that I don’t have fear.I see fear as a gift. As a guide to being more optimistic and affecting positive change.As I continue to build...Read More


Thank You and Amend

There is no better time of year to make changes and start anew than in January. I don’t know about you, but I can almost feel a pull from the inside to start making plans for the future. I have a tendency to go full steam ahead...Read More


Holiday Fun & Games -- A Gift for You

Holidays are a time to connect with family, give and receive gifts, create traditions, play games and make memories. I am off today doing just that. Please accept this gift as a very small token of my appreciate for all your support...Read More


Nature is a Job Requirement

It felt like my whole body was contracting in on itself.What might surprise you is what brought this on.I had not taken ill.I was not being attacked by a swarm of bees.I had simply made the decision to walk indoors.  Walking Indoors is...Read More


Your Soul's Mission and The Tragically Hip: Either It Will Move Me or It Will Move Right Through Me.

On October 17th Gord Downie, lead singer and songwriter of the Tragically Hip, died of brain cancer.The Tragically Hip (TTH or The Hip) is a band of 5 childhood friends from Kingston, Ontario formed in 1984. They have had 14 studio albums, two...Read More


Be a Job Support System

When it comes to ideas, some people may call me multi-passionate and others think I am a bit ADHD.I am not sure which is the most accurate but one of the ways I manage my non-stop thought process is with a yellow pad of paper.I keep a pad of...Read More


Your Career is No Joke

You may remember this classic Henny Youngman joke:     Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this.     Doctor: Then stop doing that.This is good advice in all areas of your life.It is especially good career advice.If...Read More


Even When It's Approaching Torture, I've Got My Routine

This is one of my favorite lines.From one of my favorite songs.From one of my favorite lyricists.From one of my favorite soundtracks.From one of my favorite movies of all time. The song is Momentum by Aimee Mann.The...Read More


Poisons are not the Path to Your Soul's Mission

I was working with a client recently who is in the process of getting ready to leave behind her director-level job and go after a Vice-President role.As often happens when coaching, we do not just talk about her resume, her networking strategies or...Read More


Circling Your Soul's Mission

In January 2001, I started a Women’s Group with some of my nearest and dearest women friends.I had moved out of Chicago and left behind a huge support group of friends and colleagues.I had a new baby girl (who would not take the bottle by the...Read More


Crap! Your Barn Door is Open.. Again!

And you know it.  You know you opened the barn door AND left it open…again. Something you said you would not do. Yet, there it is. Wide open.  Wait! I’m no farmer. You are probably not a farmer and neither am...Read More


What! No Pizza for Dinner?

It was Friday.It was 3:00 pmIt hit me.This was the end of my first week of my Month of May Clean Eating Challenge.  (Check out more on this here: {link})I am choosing not to eat dairy, wheat, sugar and to not drink coffee.Except it is Friday.I...Read More


The Number One Question That Brought Me Peace

It is December. The month that my heart just about explodes with love for friends and family and memories past and present: Putting up the Dickens Village with my daughter and trimming the tree. Finding that perfect gift for that person who has...Read More


Use Your Thoughts to Protect and Serve

I recently read an article on a research study co-authored by Richard Petty, professor of psychology at Ohio State University. In this study he found that when people wrote down their negative thoughts on a piece of paper and then physical threw...Read More


Big Ideals, Small Tweaks

Last month I wrote about discipline and accountability and how just the thought of "having to do something" makes my stomach hurt. Check it out here: June 2016 Blog I have continued to consider the why of this. Then I picked up Gretchen Rubin's...Read More


Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

I recently reposted and article from Robert Wyse about Julie Mills. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/cancer-led-her-job-helped-saved-life-rob-wyse Julie Miles is a jewelry designer who has traveled the world and created fantastically beautiful...Read More


My Not-So-Super Power

I Dream of Jeannie Harry Potter All of the Incredibles Spiderman and my favorite, Bewitched! Who would not want to twitch their nose and be in Hawaii, turn their cat into a pony or create a brand new kitchen?   I have always been a fan...Read More


Stack the Cards in Your Favor

I am not sure if you play poker but I have been playing with a group of girlfriends every month since 1997. Lots of fun and the money just moves from one pocket to another so you never really feel like you are losing. The thing about poker that...Read More


I Haven't (fill in the blanks)...YET!

I haven't (written that book, lost that weight, made that budget) YET. I was listening to a podcast from Carol Dweck the other day and she told a great story about a Chicago high school that required their students to pass a certain number of...Read More


BEWARE the Poison Bait and Switch

What the heck? What is going on with this app? I told it to use my location so it should be able to tell me where the closest Starbucks is. They are everywhere, come on! I have to be at the soccer game in fifteen minutes. It must be in the Target....Read More


Finding Gratitude For Your Dark Side

Indoor Plumbing is The Bomb! Food delivered hot to my door Rocks! My compassionate nature is Cool! Starting my own business is Awesome! This time of year we are often looking at the many things for which we have gratitude. Sure, I can list many...Read More