I Haven't (fill in the blanks)...YET!

I haven't (written that book, lost that weight, made that budget) YET. I was listening to a podcast from Carol Dweck the other day and she told a great story about a Chicago high school that required their students to pass a certain number of...Read More


Fence me in...Please!

One of my favorite stories I ever heard was from back in the day when I was doing a lot of personal growth work. The leader of the group I was involved with, Judith Wright, told a story of a study she had read about where the researchers had young...Read More


BEWARE the Poison Bait and Switch

What the heck? What is going on with this app? I told it to use my location so it should be able to tell me where the closest Starbucks is. They are everywhere, come on! I have to be at the soccer game in fifteen minutes. It must be in the Target....Read More


What's Your Poison?

And the soft, tender voice said "Stop poisoning yourself" Another soccer tournament weekend. My daughter had a game at 7:30 a.m. which meant she had to be there at 6:45 a.m. for warm-ups. I had 45 minutes of "free time" before the game was to start....Read More


Finding Gratitude For Your Dark Side

Indoor Plumbing is The Bomb! Food delivered hot to my door Rocks! My compassionate nature is Cool! Starting my own business is Awesome! This time of year we are often looking at the many things for which we have gratitude. Sure, I can list many...Read More