Access to All the Money in the World

Money can be a big quandary when a person is on or considering a job search. How much should I ask for so that I leave nothing on the table? Am I asking too much? Too little? What is my monetary value in the market? How do I negotiate...Read More


My Soul is my Gap Filler

Starting a business, very much like starting a job search, can be scary and daunting. Fear feels like it has moved in and taken residence at my work desk.  Sometimes, I feel like I don’t have what I need to get to the...Read More


Poisons are not the Path to Your Soul's Mission

I was working with a client recently who is in the process of getting ready to leave behind her director-level job and go after a Vice-President role.As often happens when coaching, we do not just talk about her resume, her networking strategies or...Read More


Finding the Gifts in Closed Doors: a.k.a. Soul's Mission Strategy, Part II

When I was in high school, the first interview I ever had was to be a lifeguard at a local pool.I had all the credentials.I was a very strong swimmer, I had been giving lessons for 2 years and I had passed my Red Cross Life Guard certification.After...Read More


Ideal Career Meditative Exercise: a.k.a. Soul's Mission Strategy, Part I

I have a good friend who is struggling on his job search.He called me because he had, once again, come in second for a job he hoped to land. “What am I doing wrong," he asked me? We went down the checklist. Resume in good shape?...Read More


Is Donald Trump Living his Soul's Mission?

It would seem like it.He had a desire to become the President of the United States.He worked hard for his dream.People supported him.He is making good money.He became the President of the United States.  That must mean that he is living his...Read More


The Number One Question You Need to Answer Before Beginning a Job Search

The work you are meant to be doing in the world, your Soul’s Mission, is really the form of service you are meant to be providing.  A service is a solution to a problem.  Therefore, your Soul’s Mission is a solution...Read More


Circling Your Soul's Mission

In January 2001, I started a Women’s Group with some of my nearest and dearest women friends.I had moved out of Chicago and left behind a huge support group of friends and colleagues.I had a new baby girl (who would not take the bottle by the...Read More


Wonder Woman, Soul's Mission and You!

If you have not seen the new Wonder Woman yet, I highly recommend you run not walk to the movie theater.During the movie, I realized that Wonder Woman was following her Soul’s Mission.That’s my kind of gal!  How did I know Wonder...Read More


I Woke Up Afraid

Afraid that I will never get out of debt.Afraid that my kids won’t find a career they love.Afraid my coaching business will never take off.Afraid that I will slip back into my unhealthy eating habits. Anything else, Laurie?Nope that about...Read More


Crap! Your Barn Door is Open.. Again!

And you know it.  You know you opened the barn door AND left it open…again. Something you said you would not do. Yet, there it is. Wide open.  Wait! I’m no farmer. You are probably not a farmer and neither am...Read More


What! No Pizza for Dinner?

It was Friday.It was 3:00 pmIt hit me.This was the end of my first week of my Month of May Clean Eating Challenge.  (Check out more on this here: {link})I am choosing not to eat dairy, wheat, sugar and to not drink coffee.Except it is Friday.I...Read More


It's a Funeral and a Party!

Yes. I will be having a funeral on April 30th.This is no ordinary funeral, because I am, in fact, alive and kicking. But, for the month of May, I will be laying to rest my unhealthy eating habits. This was inspired by Dr. Kelly Brogan and her...Read More


Crystal Balls and Magic Wands

I have always loved magical things. I love the idea of someone being able to walk through their wardrobe into a magical land-can I get a Narnia anyone? How about having an old coin that grants half-wishes? Time travel is my jam! Genies in a bottle...Read More



I remember one of the weirdest experiences of being a new mother was when son cried and almost instantly my breasts filled with milk. Very strange sensation for sure. I'm sure that the doctors told me about this, or I read about it in all my...Read More