Do You Fully Trust Life?

I was watching Super Soul Sunday (yes, again).Oprah had on a 92-year-old Benedictine Monk, Brother David Steindl-Rast, who has written many books and even done a few TED Talks. He spoke of many ideas that were pretty great but one thing...Read More


The Rebound Job ...It's a Good Thing

Everyone has heard about, and many have participated in, a rebound love relationship.You know what I mean.The relationship that helps you get over or get out of that “other” relationship.The relationship that is often just prior...Read More


Nature is a Job Requirement

It felt like my whole body was contracting in on itself.What might surprise you is what brought this on.I had not taken ill.I was not being attacked by a swarm of bees.I had simply made the decision to walk indoors.  Walking Indoors is...Read More


Her Attitude Cost Her the Job and Started a War

I have a client who has been on a long-term contract. The contract should have lasted at least 12 months and possibly longer. It was very lucrative for her.Then, she made a mistake.She received a call from someone about an issue and,...Read More


You Can Do That Job... But Do You Want To?

I am currently working with a multi-passionate, multi-skilled woman who is on a job search.She is ready to change.She has her Career Change Toolkit (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile etc.) at the ready.But she is stuck.She has covered a...Read More


Your Soul's Mission and The Tragically Hip: Either It Will Move Me or It Will Move Right Through Me.

On October 17th Gord Downie, lead singer and songwriter of the Tragically Hip, died of brain cancer.The Tragically Hip (TTH or The Hip) is a band of 5 childhood friends from Kingston, Ontario formed in 1984. They have had 14 studio albums, two...Read More


Be a Job Support System

When it comes to ideas, some people may call me multi-passionate and others think I am a bit ADHD.I am not sure which is the most accurate but one of the ways I manage my non-stop thought process is with a yellow pad of paper.I keep a pad of...Read More


Your Career is No Joke

You may remember this classic Henny Youngman joke:     Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this.     Doctor: Then stop doing that.This is good advice in all areas of your life.It is especially good career advice.If...Read More


Are You Living Your Soul's Mission?

September 25th was one of my favorite days because The Voice was back!  For me, The Voice is right up there with Super Soul Sunday as the show that moves me whenever I watch.  I just feel good. In the first show...Read More


Are You Working IN Your Career or ON it?

One of the things that I do not think I have done very well as a business owner is to work ON my business versus IN it.I think there are a few reasons for that: I loved working in my business-being in the weeds I was good at being...Read More


Can't Let Go of that Job You've Outgrown

“I don’t think that it is the right time to leave my job. I have a vacation planned in December and I am moving in the spring.” I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard a version of this in my 20+...Read More


Build Your ASK Muscle

Recently I was reminded of an article from the Huffington Post on the wage gap. (Link to article) It speaks to several possible reasons why women still earn less than their male counterparts. One of the paragraphs talked about...Read More


Do the Math -- Fulfill Your Dreams

All of us have dreams.Some of us are actively pursuing them and other of us are busy with our daily life having put the dream on the shelf... for now.Or at least that is what we have been telling ourselves.  Listen Up People with Shelf...Read More

The Problem:  You're Focused on the Goal

The Problem: You're Focused on the Goal

Every year I go to Sarasota, Florida to a timeshare we own. I spend much of my time walking the beach shelling.Shelling is like a treasure hunt to me. I love the joy of finding that one great shell.One of my all-time favorite shells is...Read More


Playing Poker and Your Side Hustle

This past weekend I celebrated 20 years of playing poker, once a month, with my closest girlfriends. (I’m in the center sitting on the lifeguard chair). I've written about my group before, check out: Stack the Cards in Your...Read More