I'm Having a Love Affair... With My Kindle

A Kindle, for those who do not know, is Amazon’s e-reader. A Kindle lets you download books in seconds.It has an online library that takes up no space on my nightstand, floor or closet.When I travel, I no longer have to weigh my...Read More


Lift As You Climb: The Real Inclusion Rider

I DID NOT notice her.OK. That is not true.I did notice her.I just thought she wanted to sit on the swing by herself and read a book.It was not until years later that I learned that she, in fact, wanted something totally different.She...Read More


How Changing Your Prepositions Can Help Your Job Search

I was out to lunch with a friend recently who wanted my advice on her job search.She went on to tell me about her current position that she really did not like but would not have to leave if only: Her boss was more...Read More


How to Create Career Fulfillment: The 10 Percent Mission - Part II

Last week, I talked about being on a mission to close the wage gap between men and women through simple tweaks like paying your female server 10% more than you had planned or asking for 10% more than you were going to on your next...Read More


How to Close the Wage Gap: The 10 Percent Mission - Part I

I have been listening to the BBC on Sirius radio a lot lately.This started because I am a coach for a program called INCubator (more about this program below). Think Shark Tank for high school students.The students are part of a year-long...Read More


Creating a Career of EEE (pronouced ease!)

I have spent over 20 years and worked with 1000’s of people helping them to navigate the job search and career change process.What I have learned is that in order to have a career that continues to fulfill you and a job search that is...Read More


Impulsive + Disciplined = Career Change Success

This Friday kicks off the XXIII Olympic Winter Games.Who is not in awe of the abilities of these athletes and the commitment it takes to compete at this level?Which got me thinking about my nature.I like to think of myself as...Read More


SURVEY WITH PRIZES: What Are Your Career Fears?

If you know me you know that I am a die-hard optimist.I see the glass overflowing.That does not mean that I don’t have fear.I see fear as a gift. As a guide to being more optimistic and affecting positive change.As I continue to build...Read More


Cure Procrastination with 1 Simple Question

Laurie’s To-Do List January 22nd, 2017 Put away the holiday decorations Write my Blog Unload Dishwasher Write those thank-you notes Get my car washed Shovel Recruit Go to post office Plus, 101 other things on the never-ending list...Read More


The Subtle Ways of Bias

For Christmas, my husband had asked for a new blanket for our bed.Conveniently, my mom called me to say she needed one more gift for my husband and I suggested the blanket. She said that was a great idea and she would give me that for my...Read More


Manifest What You Want in 2018

Once upon a time I was in college. My group of friends did a ton of fun things like Cubs games, concerts, played Frisbee, softball and, no surprise, lots of drinking games.  Ahh…those were the days. But I digress…One late...Read More


Thank You and Amend

There is no better time of year to make changes and start anew than in January. I don’t know about you, but I can almost feel a pull from the inside to start making plans for the future. I have a tendency to go full steam ahead...Read More


Holiday Fun & Games -- A Gift for You

Holidays are a time to connect with family, give and receive gifts, create traditions, play games and make memories. I am off today doing just that. Please accept this gift as a very small token of my appreciate for all your support...Read More


Getting Started is the Hardest Part

I like to have the content for my blog done by Monday so that my assistant can put it into the template and make it look pretty.  Then I can review it again. I edit and tweak, she applies my changes for another review and that usually seems to...Read More


Get Electrocuted: Finding Your Source to Happiness

When I was in grade school I went to a “go away” camp (at least that’s what my parents called it).We did all the normal things you would do at camp.We rode horses, played tennis, swam, sang around the campfire and took...Read More