Does Smoking Improve Your Chances of Career Advancement?

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately on leadership, leadership training and what gets in the way of women being in leadership roles in corporate America.  There are factors like:  Lack of role models at the...Read More


Career Wisdom from the 1800s

Recently, my husband and I were having one of our more interesting discussions.  We wondered what we would be doing if we lived in a Native American tribe in the 1800’s?After I got past the idea of no running water, heat or air...Read More


Be a Better Employee Vacate on Vacation AND at Work

I am currently in Sarasota, Florida.  I travel here during the 39th week of every year- because that is the week of our timeshare.   I could go other places with the timeshare but I always come back to Sarasota....Read More


How Bragging Can Benefit Your Career

I’m going to be leading a workshop called Own It! at STEAMfest on November 9th.  STEAMfest is an event for girls and women interested in or already pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM)...Read More


Revealed What Women ALREADY Have and What They MUST Have To Be Great Leaders

I am getting ready to do a workshop at a local association about Emotional Intelligence.(FYI-You can find more information and sign-up here.)Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's...Read More


What Leadership Isn't

I really like to lead events.It’s something I’ve enjoyed since running a Ronald McDonald House carnival at 10 years old.I consider being able to lead events one of my super powers. Being able to take an idea for a fun event and make it...Read More


Grieving Before Leaving: A Helpful Career Change Tip

A weird thing started happening in July.I was waking up most mornings feeling sad. Sometimes on the verge of tears. At first, I was not sure what was going on. When I looked at the current circumstances it did not make sense. Work...Read More


Play the What If Game. Build Your Career Confidence

I am involved in the planning of an event for an organization I co-founded called STEAMahead.  This event, STEAMfest,  is set to happen on November 9th 2018 at the Nokia Campus in Naperville, IL (more...Read More


A Tip from Michelle Williams on How NOT to Negotiate

By now you have heard about the article in The Washington Post from November 2017 that talked about the pay gaps, or should I say pay canyons, between different cast members on the movie All the Money in the...Read More


Move Your Career Up a Level

As many of you are aware, I am in the midst of a website re-brand. This process reminded me of something that I had not thought about in years that I like to call Leveling Up.  Many years ago, I attended a retreat. It was a...Read More


A Quick Leadership Trick From a Grade School Teacher

My assistant texted me this interesting story she saw on Facebook.A school teacher would start every year with a box of band-aids.She would then call up a child and have them pretend they have gotten hurt.The child would say, “I hurt...Read More


What the heck? I did not win the $522 Million!

I envisioned. I aligned.  I’m a good person.  I have plans to do greatness for the world with my winnings.  I spoke words aloud to whoever was listening. I expected to win.  So why...Read More


5 Steps to Remodeling Your Career

A good friend of mine is moving.She has had her house on the market for a bit.They’ve lowered the price…twice.Part of the reason it was not selling, in her opinion, is that they had not spent time and money and effort into...Read More


Your Career Reality Is Not As It Appears

A few years ago, my husband and I were invited to a holiday party by a couple that we did not know well. But heck, it was a party so we went.This couple seemed to have it all together. They drove nice cars, had a large house in a nice...Read More


A Simple Formula + 10 Mantras for the Career and Life You Love

I started my career as a computer programmer which might be why I'm a sucker for a formula.  I think I have figured out a formula for having a career and life you love and a technique to keep you on track.  Your thoughts + Your...Read More