Turning Career Potential into Career Accomplishment

I was looking through my copy of Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will,  by Sheryl Sandberg for some stats on women in tech that I will be presenting at a meeting and came across this paragraph:  In a 2011 McKinsey...Read More


I'm happily employed. I think I'll look for a job.

Part of what I do to grow my business is network. I am a member of different organizations. I pay dues, attend meetings, repost their news and volunteer when I can.  This particular morning, I had a meeting with a potential...Read More


Moms, Careers and Making Trouble

I gave my mom a Notorious RBG coffee mug for Mother’s Day this year.     She turned to me and said, “I love this!!  But isn’t it sad that we are still fighting the equality fight?Hell ya...Read More


Changing Office Culture - The NEW Swear Jar

A friend told me a story about a recent golf outing. Her foursome included herself, a more senior female colleague, a female pro golfer and a male client. In the midst of a beautiful golf afternoon, the client made a racist AND sexist...Read More


Say SO WHAT to Self Doubt

I was part of an event last week for women tech founders.What women technologists and women who are creating technology firms are doing right now is inspiring to me.This is a different form of using the female voice and expression from ...Read More


Eliminate What Limits You: Move Out of Scar City

I asked a question on a recent Facebook Live with Martha Beck- coach, author, artist, writer and tribe-leader extraordinaire.How does someone get to their limiting thoughts and beliefs if they are not aware of...Read More


Lynne Twist, Credit Card Debt and Career Fulfillment

I received a check from a client for $21,000 this past week.At the same time, my son asked me to transfer $30.41 to his account to cover the cost of a school supply.I went online to transfer the funds to his account and in doing so I noticed...Read More


The Number 1 Job Interview Success Tip People Forget

I was in the midst of prepping a candidate for an interview.Something I have done 1000’s of times in my career as a recruiter.She was telling me that: Her outfit was cleaned and ready to go She had written out her Success Stories...Read More


Manifesting The Career You Love In 3 Easy Steps

When I was little I would go to Marshall Field’s with my family to visit Santa and eat by the tree at the Walnut room. When I got older, my girlfriend and I would take the train in to the city and my grandma would meet us at the...Read More


How to Have Your Career Match the Cadence of Your Life

A friend called me because she was in a dilemma.Spring break was coming up and she and her family had rented a beach house in North Carolina and were meeting her mom and dad there.They had the beach house from Saturday to Saturday.She...Read More


I'm Having a Love Affair... With My Kindle

A Kindle, for those who do not know, is Amazon’s e-reader. A Kindle lets you download books in seconds.It has an online library that takes up no space on my nightstand, floor or closet.When I travel, I no longer have to weigh my...Read More


Lift As You Climb: The Real Inclusion Rider

I DID NOT notice her.OK. That is not true.I did notice her.I just thought she wanted to sit on the swing by herself and read a book.It was not until years later that I learned that she, in fact, wanted something totally different.She...Read More


How Changing Your Prepositions Can Help Your Job Search

I was out to lunch with a friend recently who wanted my advice on her job search.She went on to tell me about her current position that she really did not like but would not have to leave if only: Her boss was more...Read More


How to Create Career Fulfillment: The 10 Percent Mission - Part II

Last week, I talked about being on a mission to close the wage gap between men and women through simple tweaks like paying your female server 10% more than you had planned or asking for 10% more than you were going to on your next...Read More


How to Close the Wage Gap: The 10 Percent Mission - Part I

I have been listening to the BBC on Sirius radio a lot lately.This started because I am a coach for a program called INCubator (more about this program below). Think Shark Tank for high school students.The students are part of a year-long...Read More